I cover a vast amount of topics and relate many of my life’s stories. I may also voice some of my political points of view and general opinions on various issues of the day. Where ever possible, I also try to make a few bucks on Ebay, Clickbank, Amazon and many other platforms. 
As time permits, I post true to life stories i.e. “Death calling on a Sunday Afternoon“, “Rock & Roll and the Mystery Skull“, “The night Jimmy Died“, “The Story of the Lonely Gun“, just to mention a few. 

How great would it be to get up in the morning, make some coffee, work online for a few hours and then do what ever you want for the rest of the day? One of the best ways to do this is by creating your own digital product and sell it on your own web site. I did this with good success for several years.

However, with most products, there is a life span. That is, over time, sales peak then flatten out, finally falling into oblivion. Tandy (Radio Shack) learned this in the 1970’s, that’s why, by the time sales began to fall on one product, they released a new replacement product.

In digital products, you would release a new version of what ever it is that you are selling. In the old days, music studios would release a new hopefully hit song about every six months to maximize profits and keep the artist in the public eye.

Another business model is affiliate marketing wherein you sell other peoples products via a unique link assigned to you. The upside is that you can make good money, the down side is, that it depends on sending huge amounts of highly targeted traffic to your offer. Today, affiliate marketers tend to send traffic to a capture page first to get the persons email address before sending them along to the offer.

By doing so, they can develop a relationship with the customer and theoretically continue making sales from that contact email.

I started building web sites in the year 2000 and began messing with marketing in 2005. I would do it for a couple years, get discouraged, quit and come back to it in another couple of years. So much has changed since then. But, one thing that hasn’t changed is getting vast amounts of targeted traffic to your offer.

Pay per click, Facebbook Ads, Video marketing, Bing Ads, Safelist blasters, organic search and countless other ways of getting traffic are out there, but which one is best? Well, using AWstats I can tell you that most of my traffic comes from videos on my YouTube channel. Second is Goggle organic search and coming in last is everything else.

One school of thought is to put a little money into Pay Per Click ads on various platforms, monitor your traffic carefully, and if you start getting sales from one of the sources, put some more money into it. The mind set here is, you put in a dollar and make two in return. But, be warned, you could lose your shirt if you don’t know what your doing. It’s almost like gambling.

In any case, what ever you do, expect to work at it and don’t expect to get rich over night. Yes, there are some amazing stories out there of rags to riches, but don’t build your hopes up too high. Affiliate marketing has a step learning curve and multiple failures are common. Also, don’t break the bank! Take it slow. Give systems a chance to work. learn from your mistakes and the mistakes from others. But, what ever you do, don’t give up! The money is out there!