I’ve lived through 10 presidents, 5 wars and 7 decades! I was up to my ass in death in Vietnam, been married several times and done/seen/experienced just about everything in life. Recently, my wife of 25 years died. Yes, it was trumatic for both of us. I got maybe 20 years left to live if I’m lucky, so what do I have to lose by speaking my mind and chasing dreams?

As with many of my age, I’m multifaceted. I’m not some old bastard waiting to die with sweat dripping off his nose! Like Mi Esposita says, “I’m not dead yet”! So, you can expect just about anything on this web site.

I love Nicki Minaj! She’s beautiful, built like a brick shit house and talented from here to hell! This little song goes out to all the judgmental Tranny ho’s in SF, you know who you are!

I run a lot of web sites and you will find links to them on this site. None of them are porn sites. Tried that shit for years. Made some money, but after deducting all the money I put in over the years, I lost my ass! However, what I learned about servers, marketing and programming made the expense worth it. It was a hell of a trip!

One thing I want to do is to express my views and opinions on everything from politics to relationships. Just about no subject is above tackling. So, to that end, if you give a damn, you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel and got a regular dose of my brand of dribble.

There are so many issues on the plate these days, it’s hard to know where to begin! America use to be fragmented into smaller groups. Blacks and Whites and other minorities, the have’s and the have not’s. Today, this nation is fragmented into so many bullshit groups, that we have multiple subgroups and subgroups within the subgroups. When things become this complex, many if not most people just walk away rather then subject their brain to the numbing effect of stupidity.

There is nothing wrong with one’s celebrating their heritage, but at the core, we must understand that we are all Americans first! Many think the Constitution is an old out dated document, but if that were the case, why is the Supreme Court mandated to use it to decide the most important and pressing cases in the land?

Because, it is the most important document in this nation and should be studied by all citizens. In fact, I would take it one step further and by constitutional amendments in all states and at federal level, require that any person running for office should first pass a stringent test about the Constitution, Constitutional history and the federalist papers to insure that they are indeed qualified!

Ah, but you didn’t come here to study, you came here to be entertained! Were you ever threatened with court martial for not shooting unarmed children? Of course not, but I was! It’s been 51 years since that happened and it still enrages me when I reflect on it. Shove it up your ass motherfucker! No women, no children! I was 18 years old and one stupid kid, but I had enough common sense to know you don’t kill unarmed children! Fucking Army!

One of my favorite movies is The Professional. Why? Because it’s a story of two people who had little to live for in their lives until they met each other! It’s a story about the power of love! Unfortunately, it’s ending is true to life. Things don’t always work out for the best. A sour sweet reality. One of my other favorite movies is Pretty Woman. So, from this you can ascertain that I am a romantic!

So, to end my first post on this site, let me say, it’s a cruel fucking world we live in. I wish you the best of luck kid, because your going to need it. Don’t take any wooden nickels. Don’t speak too much, people think your smart until you open your mouth. Don’t volunteer for anything! Don’t take life so seriously, because in the end, your going to die and the generations that come after you won’t give a shit.

Stan Evans