Do Women Masturbate?

Women tend to not talk about their masturbation habits as openly as men might do, especially if they are younger. I'm not sure about the psychology behind this, but I expect it is how we are raised. That is to say that girls are more protected, adorned and shielded then rough and tumble boys. However, in the end, Women masturbate for the same reasons men do, it feels good.

Lets Learn About Sexuality!

Way's to get your women to suck your dick!

The erotic art of spanking your partner goes way back in history. It can trigger and enhance sexual arousal in some people. It can be used in the occasional role play games. Everything from the hand to canes can be used, but you must be careful! The objective isn't to hurt the receiver, but rather to enhance the experience!

The in's and out's of sexuality of every stripe are important to me. My whole life I have been a very sexual being with very distinct likes and dislikes, but what makes everything tick down to the biological level is very interesting and quite liberating. There is such a gap of misunderstandings in the world especially around gender identity, that I feel a need to put forth information that will help set aside many of these misconceptions.