$100 a day with Instagram Affiliate Marketing (ANYONE CAN DO THIS)

what is going on YouTube today have a super valuable video for you guys today a super simple strategy on how to make $100 a day through Philly marketing with Instagram okay so I’m going to show you the niche exactly how to do everything it’s going to be super easy step-by-step I like guys if you follow this and put like one to two weeks of consistent effort towards this there’s no reason you can’t make $100 days so I’m super excited to show you guys another method on how to make you know money with a Philly marketing so what we’re gonna go and do is get into my computer right here also guys check this out got this little poster here I’m gonna hanging on that wall over there but anyways guys let’s go ahead and waste no more time getting this beer I’m gonna show you guys the method on how to make $100 a day with Instagram through Philly marketing no BS no clickbait it actually works and I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to do that so with that being said let’s gonna hop in this video [Music] alright welcome back guys to the computer so anyways we’re gonna get into this video on Instagram affiliate marketing and how to make you know extra hundred dollars per day I’m gonna show you guys the niche and everything you have to do to set this up by the way my shirt just it doesn’t say no this is like no days off just want to clarify that because it kind of looks weird just says no but anyways so what we’re gonna go and do is find a product on Clickbank alright so I was thing about a couple of different products and I’m pretty familiar with a lot of the products on Clickbank but what I’m gonna do for this one is dog training alright so let me click this in and this one is a good offer as you can see the average sale is 116 dollars and five cents now that doesn’t mean that’s the initial sale that means that the average they have like a lot up sales down sales cross sales stuff like that so that’s how much like the average of Philly makes if you bring a customer into their business Kay so technically what we’re dealing with is you have to make one sale day okay pretty simple right so really not that hard at all to make one sale day on Instagram with this niche okay so what we’re gonna go and do is go on Instagram calm and I have some steps laid out I want to make this super simple for you guys okay so it’s gonna be easy method right it’s gonna be free traffic super simple super easy now that doesn’t mean that there’s not gonna be no work it’s not just a click of a button you have to put in consistent work especially because it’s a free traffic medicai you’re not gonna just see you know success like overnight ok that’s not how it works that’s not how any business works right so none of that BS you know get-rich-quick seems it’s you have to put in work but simple and easy okay that’s that’s the way I like to do things right so basically this offer is called dogs it’s basically like a dog training program and it converts really well the gravity score is 70 so that’s really good so basically what they do is you they kind of take people through this funnel but I really like the way they do their marketing this one I’m picking this offer okay so let’s say you want your dog to stop barking okay how’s the different option game my dog is over 8 months let’s pick this one alright so let this load up real quick and what it’s going to do is going to take us to a sales pitch right it says a five-step bicep exercises to finally put your dog’s obsessive annoying and freshening barking out okay as you see they have a really good headline you know they obviously they’ve tested a lot this company makes a lot of money alright I just put it that way okay so basically what they’re doing is they’re had to have a $1 trial okay so this is like a recurring offer so that’s why the average Hill comes out to 116 so you know this is actually a really good offer and I love offers like this especially recurring because it’s just it makes it easier for you don’t have to get sales all day you can just make recurring revenue and that’s the best kind of offers to remote not always the best but it’s something you want to always have in your niche you want you want to always promote some type of recurring off or that way you have recurring money coming in ok so that’s like the best passive income you can use k so this is an example you know completely random niche dog training so what we’re going to go ahead and do is I have a little step list case so this is what we’re gonna follow right so the first one it says find a good niche that isn’t too competitive Instagram okay so I did a little bit research I sell dog training not too competitive still demand still enough demand and supply so that’s why I chose his niche next thing you want to do scoped out competitors alright so it’s simple just type in dog training and we got all kinds of hashtags we’ve got users here there’s actually like more you can do this on the mobile app I’m just on the website so it’s not it’s kind of more broad but you can go to like different profiles hashtags all the different stuff okay I’m sure you guys know that but this guy master dog training case so let’s type in another one dog training dog training advice tips okay this one sixty thousand followers okay so obviously there’s demand for this niche on Instagram so what we’re gonna go and do and even like the hashtags dog training okay there’s 1 million 1.6 million posts ok so you can see it has a lot of attention these different things so people obviously struggle so this is obviously a niche that people have some type of problem that people have right so you want to be able to solve that problem as an affiliate and be the connected resource to get them to the product that’s gonna solve their problem ok so that’s all you are is I feel you’re middle man alright so this is what we’re going to be talking about so now that you kind of do that you just go by your competitors you want to get your link obviously just go to click Clickbank you press promote you get your link there and you don’t just say that somewhere and then next thing you’re gonna do is you wanna you can either do two things here you can either make a funnel and build an email list or you can just put that filling link straight in your description on your Instagram bio link that’s how they’re gonna get the link that’s how you can get traffic to your link so what you can do is you can build a funnel and you know start collecting emails maybe you can offer them a three step guide to you know training your new puppy or whatever like that so that’s something you can do or if you just wanna you know try to make some money starting out make sure this whole Philly marketing works first you can just take them straight to your feeling link straight to the offer and just start testing that out okay so that’s probably what I’d recommend for beginners then as you like if you start to like the niche and it starts to work for you then you can start to get in the billing funnels email list stuff like that getting to more advanced stuff okay and that’s all kind of stuff I teach on this channel so if you are new be sure to subscribe but anyways what you can do next is you can set up your Instagram account alright alright so setting up your Instagram account it’s obviously pretty simple use up a new account and you want to make it some type of account like dog training right this guy if you’re typing in again go to dog training let’s see dog thing so this guy’s six to eight thousand followers pretty good so as you see just something symbols get some type of a username that relates to your niche obviously right you don’t have to do dog training this just an example but even this guy he’s doing the same thing get a free dog training ID below I’ve never seen this guy in my life I promise like this just randomly came up so let’s see what he’s actually doing so download now so yeah he’s promoting the same exact offer so it obviously shows that this stuff is working especially that he has six to eight thousand followers so this is lit like I’ve literally never seen this guy before I just randomly typed this up so this is all like kind of all in one take this video right so basically what what we do next is you know obviously you want to set up your account make it a good way you can I even found the competitor that’s doing the exact thing the same thing and you just want to model what he’s doing gay and try to make it better obviously that’s what you want to do is make it better I figure out where what he’s doing wrong what he’s doing right and do yours like proceeding to that so whatever he’s doing right follow that whatever is doing wrong make that better all right so that’s basically what you got to do for that time with your Instagram account now bio you can have your link there say something like $1 dog training program successfully trained over 25k dogs the reason I put that is because if you go back you know let me just click on this link again as you see the first headline and they’ve obviously tested lots of headlines but the first headline says $25,000 our $25,000 successfully trained through their program okay so that’s obviously important headline that they want obviously because it’s the the first thing people are gonna see when they’re website so you want to you know kind of take advantage of what they’re doing because they’re do did all the work there you did the testing this company probably makes at least $100,000 a month just based off their gravity score and Clickbank and one the top affiliate products so I just know that from experience but so they’re making a lot of money they’re testing lots of stuff great I can tell you that much right so what you can actually do is you can either set up a funnel like this guy like I said before you can take them straight to your affiliate link right so my feeling link doesn’t it would take them straight to here or you can have different links that take them straight to here but as you see well what I play here is you can have your bio say $1 dog training program successfully trained over 25,000 dogs okay that might spike some interest especially it’s only $1 you know a lot of lots of people can afford $1 right so that’s that’s really what I like about this offer okay so the next thing you want to do once you set up your bio your Instagram have a nice profile pic you know get a good name for it set up some hashtags in your bio and what you’re gonna start doing is you’re gonna start posting valuable content two times a day and you’re gonna be looking for engaging viral content but also sharing good tips okay so what I mean by that is you want to have obviously some good his engagement is pretty low that’s pretty surprising you know like this one did okay so you want to look at the like the best the pictures that did best for them so obviously this one’s just a cute puppy yeah I mean obviously his engagement is not that good as you see the video has 665 views that’s not too bad let’s see what else so yeah as far as I can see you know just he does just cute puppies I could definitely make this better tweak some own tweaks and things on there try to get more viral stuff if we go to a more broad thing and cuz he it looks like he’s not even giving tips on there so if you just click on another random thing he’s just literally putting a puppy emoji okay so what we can do is actually broaden this out so let me type in let’s eat dogs let’s try to find like a viral dog page right so this one has seven 4748 8,000 view so let’s see let’s try to find one of his biggest one so let’s see this one has almost a million so this one of the most famous run so as you see he’s leveraging viral content to get traffic to his Instagram page okay so that’s the same thing that guy was doing but he wasn’t using viral content he’s just using pictures of dogs okay so what you can do is leverage these types of videos so if you see what he’s doing it says when you when you and your BF are reunited okay so it’s obviously just like a viral video with a dog I’m just kind of funny stuff people like that on social media you know it’s stuff that goes wrong alright so his description lures just says follow me at dog so obviously he’s trying to get his videos on the explore page of Instagram so when people see this they say follow me at dog people followed them are more likely to follow them so for more dog posts alright so that’s basically what he’s doing so what you can actually do is you can and this is up to you you can either find videos online or YouTube and stuff like that and you can give you can download these videos or I can even download this video right here and I could post it up on my own page and give them credit okay so in the description say something like this sale early the same thing follow me maybe have an emoji include your app tag right there and then what you’re gonna say next is you can say something like this for Mourdock post and then you can say credit hotdog okay so if you’re if you’re tagging him in the post too he’s gonna get more followers okay so if they if he sees us and he’s like okay I don’t want him using my videos I’m a I’m a message disguised to take the video down okay so by a faeces oh wait he’s he’s gave me more followers he’s tagging me in the post okay that’s fine I’m gonna let him okay so that like if someone posted my YouTube video on their Instagram and they’re saying follow chat marlott I wouldn’t care I encourage it right so that’s basically how this can working you can also put like credit at dog and then you can put like under that DM if you want me to take it down okay so something like that just just to be safe kinda but I’ll always include the credits you’re stealing others people’s posts especially if they have the little at dog sign right here usually if you can find a video or two that when it’s super viral and it’s on a few other peoples pages and doesn’t have any out sign you can just do the video without putting credit so it’s really up to you obviously social media a lot of the stuff is recycled recycled content and you know there’s no really like laws in there it really doesn’t matter it’s all free stuff this just based off my experience obviously not professional advice or anything but anyways that’s kind of what you want to do is you want to leverage these viral videos that is getting people’s attention okay attention is everything okay and now you could and you know a few posts you can just make about dog training K so like most people that have dogs have dog training problems K we can even look that up like what percentage what percentage of dog owners have problems training them something like that okay so I guarantee you it’s you know it’s not gonna say I had to do more research but it’s probably a high percentage maybe forty thirty percent people have trouble with their dogs okay so that’s why people are following these dog training things so you want to leverage these viral videos so obviously I don’t just post these videos all day long also post like valuable tips about dog training memes some dog training video stuff like that so um and just try to leverage some of these videos every so often and you’re going to be posting two times a day okay so that’s why is gonna work well so that best fit basically the next step I promise you it’ll work well you just got a you know it might not work right away it might takes a while to get some traction but after a couple weeks months it’ll work he’ll work really well and you’ll start to getting beginning 1 2 3 4 or 5 sales a day and you’ll start to be making you know 100 to 500 dollars a day with this method all from free traffic okay so this is the stuff that actually works right so again you want to make your posts engaging you want to ask questions obviously their posts are very engaging the video stuff like that and this is only one page I just typed this up this is all you know off the top of my head right so I also you want to use hashtags that pertain to the niche also as a new Instagram page you’ll you don’t want to go after competitive hashtags just something like maybe dog training that’s not too competitive a hashtag yeah but if you do like a hashtag like dog hashtag dog that might be a really competitive hashtag so you want to do a little research on that don’t just have some common sense don’t do anything like too competitive you know same thing for like ranking YouTube videos and ranking for articles on Google is you don’t you want to use like long tail keywords same thing a long tail hashtags not too competitive so you can rank for them right so it’s really the it’s all the same thing how it works the next thing you want to do is the the way you’re gonna get some more attraction and more followers and more engagement on your profile and obviously more sales and more money is you want to start interacting with the niche community okay so start interacting with the dog training community the dog community the dog lovers community all that different stuff start connecting with them all right so what you can do is you can follow other influencers in the niche all right and you want to comment on all of their posts so what I do is you go to this dog page and you want to comment on all of their posts the reason being is because you want to engage with the community okay so what you’re gonna do is you want to commit to go around on like three or four or five different influencers in the dog training niche in the dog niche and you want to start commenting on all of their posts kay the reason being is because usually when you see people like these people falling like one one of these dog people they’re gonna be falling like five others so what you can do is if you start commenting on all five of those like each time they post turn on their post notifications and be the first one to comment um like that people are gonna see like your your dog training profile like they’re gonna start seeing you show up like oh this guy just calm down this one this one what who is this guy and people are just naturally curious also a lot of people go and Instagram they read the comments and if you haven’t engaging if you have an engaging comment that kind of stands out and definitely pertains to the video obviously don’t do a copy and paste comment that won’t work at all you want to pertain to the video into the post and maybe try to provide some value and engaging in there okay it obviously depends on the niche alright so um so let me give me example is if you go on the post here the comments show up okay so on the phone this will work better but a lot of the top comments like if you just go on Instagram a lot of the top comments will show up so that’s what you want to do and people are just naturally like kind of curious and like like to stalk people so they’re gonna click on the profile and they’re gonna you know start to follow you and you’re starting to get more engagement so that’s kind of how like this attraction marketing thing works is you just want to bring the attention to your to your profile without chasing no more chasing doesn’t really work anymore you want to bring attention to your account especially in a niche like this alright so that’s the next thing and then again like don’t do anything that makes it look like a bot obviously don’t do copy and paste messages stuff like that Instagram algorithm doesn’t like that they’re gonna know and they’re gonna shadow band your account also be real with your comments make them all different so that’s unique to the post so I’m Gary be kind of talked about this method it’s called the two cent method Instagram myth okay so the next thing you can do is also go to hashtags in your niche like hashtag dog training and start connecting with people remember don’t spam just provide value to people cuz are commie on their posts are engaging with the community that’s the most important part with this free traffic strategy on Instagram is just start engaging with the community okay so that’s all you have to do and start start engaging in connecting right so again don’t just DM people copy and paste messages that look like spam actually connect and provide value don’t pitch at all you know attraction marketing works really gonna Instagram and Facebook meaning like letting people come to you like I said before again like Gary Vee says Jab Jab Jab right hook meaning provide value provide value provide value and then ask okay ask for the sale ask if they want to check this out ask if they want to hop on a call with you and talk about your service or whatever like that okay so that’s kind of how that method works is provide value provide value provide value to where that people feel like they owe you a follow they owe you you buying them products so they provide a lot of value to you upfront so like you just want to provide a lot of value upfront so you know they could potentially buy from you right so the next thing you want to do is you kind of get all this in your head and you’re kind of like okay how do them how am I gonna plan this out humming and do this you know I showed you guys exactly what to do to start you know connecting with the community sup your Instagram page leverage viral viral videos you know leverage all that different stuff and you know to not get overwhelmed and really stick to the thing you want to set out a certain amount of time per day to do the stuff okay this is free traffic method so this stuff you’re gonna have to do every single day for it to work right well obviously like you can you can span this out to like three times a week four times a week but it’s better if you do it every day okay especially posting on Instagram you want to keep that consistent at least twice a day alright so maybe you plan out you’re going to go around commenting for 30 minutes every day and post two times a day and then message five people do that every day okay have that on your checklist even like when you’re saying comment 30 minutes every day literally set a timer on your phone and set a timer and just start commenting connecting with people doing unique comments liking people’s posts stuff like that and for 30 minutes stop the timer and then you’re done okay and then post two times throughout the day you you know you can do one time but it’s it just depends on the niche and kinda just depends on the niche but starting out it’s better just you know keep those posts going consistently all right you know just start messing people connecting with the community you know again just asking questions don’t try to sell anything and this works for any affiliate offer any niche it’s all the same stuff how it works so that’s basically you know that’s basically the method you want to do and again like I said in the beginning of the video guys is don’t expect results the first day okay this could take a week or two or even a month to start getting traction on your Instagram page and you know consistency and patience is everything okay so as long as you have consistency in patience but you’re also working you know during during every day you’re also working while having consistency in patience it will work I promise you that so that’s basically the method I want to show you guys for Instagram again you’re basically just finding some type of Philly product or mo setting up a niche Instagram page and leveraging viral content start connecting with the community having good headlines and your stuff having a good bio thing like that one guy let’s see if I can find him again let me just go back he was leveraging a funnel so oh it sees right here he was leveraging a funnel again you can even even you can either put a butt together like I’m funnel like he’s doing or just take him straight to affiliate link and it’s just kind of up to you on that but so actually see let’s let’s just go and go through his funnel real quick but let’s see it says one to turn that bad dog into a good dog this free guide shows you how so again this headline could be way better but obviously let me just enter in let me just enter in a fake email so free instant access let’s see where he goes okay so Wow all right let me uh I’ll just enter in my real email real quick so it actually works so one second here and thank you thanks a bunch for filling that out means a lot to us just like you do we really appreciate you gaming a moment for your time today thank you for thanks for being you alright so he’s obviously not trying to sell at all starting out now this is a good method he’s probably going after the more long-term value so he’s not gonna see as much initial sales right away because you know he could have an upsell or a video or even take him straight to the Philly offer after this but obviously he’s like just doing email marketing it’s an interesting method right so it really just depends on what you want to do obviously everything works it’s just you know you have to make it work for you okay so that’s kind of what you have to do for this is you know just either taken straight to a feeling link or straight to a funnel and having upsells in it or like he did just having a landing page to a thank-you page and then they’re just doing email marketing trying to get you to buy this product right so again this product will probably convert really well it’s a one dollar free trial or it’s a one dollar trial for the programs the recurring offer the average sales $116 so you just have to figure out how to make one sale per day on that super easy super simple right so anyways guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video on how to make $100 a day with Instagram affiliate marketing using only free traffic method okay so I guarantee you this guy’s well this will work as long as you’re consistent patience and you put in the work okay guys so that’s really all it takes and when it comes to online marketing in any business really in general okay so anyways guys if you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up it’ll help me out a lot and be sure to subscribe if you’re new if you don’t want to miss out on the videos about online marketing entrepreneurship affiliate marketing all that good stuff so anyways guys comment any questions you have below any thoughts comments below and I’ll see you guys tomorrow in the next video thank you guys for watching and I hope you guys have a good day [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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