AFFILIATE Advertising and marketing FOR Newcomers – Leading seven Finest Sites FOR AFFILIATE Advertising and marketing 2018

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hey what is up you guys it can be Nathan with freedom influencer calm and in this video I am gonna be going more than the 7 ideal web-sites for affiliate marketing and advertising all suitable now if you are just a newbie with affiliate marketing and advertising okay mainly I am gonna briefly clarify this mainly because most of you who are on this video currently know what affiliate marketing and advertising is but basically what affiliate marketing and advertising is is when you go on the net and you see a bunch of unique merchandise a good deal of instances if you had been to make a obtain anyplace on the net and there is an affiliate system and you went by a hyperlink so let us just say that you noticed an affiliate hyperlink or you noticed a products on a weblog okay and then it get it gave you a hyperlink let us say to Amazon and you obtained that products on Amazon very well if you went by a hyperlink by that weblog submit that the individual who runs the blogpost is affiliated affiliated with that that business in this situation it would be Amazon that individual will get a commission so seriously what this is is connecting individuals with merchandise okay and when you make a sale for a business with a specific products or no matter what it may perhaps be in the outcome of you driving the targeted traffic to that products if that outcomes in a sale you get paid okay which is what affiliate marketing and advertising is okay and I am gonna go more than seven seven unique web-sites right here that you can get began with with affiliate marketing and advertising okay and all of these need to be absolutely free to signal up and I am gonna go more than the initial couple that I believe are certainly wonderful okay now if this is your initial time right here on my my channel freedom influencer this channel is to support you make a lifestyle of freedom now what does that indicate make a lifestyle of freedom alright it indicates setting your self up in in constructing a small business that generates monetary freedom time freedom and place freedom so no matter what it is that you need in freedom in no matter what location of lifestyle that you want which is what this channel is all about so I am persistently placing out video clips to support you guys make revenue commence and increase a small business on the net so if which is some thing that you are interested in and you want much more video clips from me I inspire you to go down subscribe to the channel and hit the bell notification to acquire long term video clips from me which I am placing out on a steady basis alright now I also want to allow you guys know if you do not just want to make a tiny bit of revenue and commence off undertaking this on a modest scale but you seriously want to make a total-time cash flow from house I am gonna depart a hyperlink down beneath this this video in the description when you click that hyperlink you are gonna get all the data on my quantity 1 recommendation to make revenue on the net from house okay and just to display you guys swift evidence I will not invest as well a great deal time on this but right here is a snapshot of some of the earnings I have manufactured to make a total time cash flow on the net and I will even refresh the web page cuz I know there is some skeptics and things out there but i refresh the web page and you can obviously see right here currently I manufactured just shy of two,500 bucks in the final 7 days twenty eight hundred bucks and more than 4 thousand bucks this final month okay so it can be undoubtedly some thing which is genuine it can be some thing that I want to support you guys do to make freedom in your lifestyle once again I will depart the hyperlink in the description down beneath but here is what we’re gonna do we’re gonna leap into this video and I am gonna go more than 7 web-sites to support you get began and get thoughts of what some of the ideal affiliate marketing and advertising web-sites are out there that you can get began with alright so quantity 1 is going to be Amazon affiliates or Amazon Associates which is Amazon’s associate affiliate system so most of us basically are prospects of Amazon so I want you to believe about have you ever purchased something from Amazon and possibilities are that you have now here is what is amazing about this is you can leverage the electrical power of Amazon and grow to be an affiliate for absolutely free with their Associates system now what takes place is the cause that I suggest this and it can be the initial 1 I am speaking about is mainly because so quite a few of us have merchandise and we use matters on a day by day basis that we would suggest to our pals we would suggest to other individuals and so if we have some thing like cameras or gear suitable in expanding a small business or no matter what it may perhaps be if we’re if we personally would suggest some thing why would we not grow to be an affiliate of that platform suggest the similar actual merchandise that we would suggest anyways and make revenue from undertaking it so here is an illustration and the illustration I am rolling with right here is cameras so I just chosen DSLR cameras and then you can see a checklist of all these now cameras and tech gear is a wonderful way to make revenue with Amazon affiliates mainly because it can be a increased ticket products so you make much more revenue when you make revenue with these merchandise so you can see right here if I just scroll down you can see all kinds of charges one,400 500 500 okay so if you are working with a camera suitable if you have a DSLR camera here is my recommendation go to Amazon Associates make an account and on both your web page your social media no matter what it may perhaps be advertise that hyperlink or cloak that hyperlink and advertise these merchandise saying hey this is what I suggest this is what I use or what a good deal of entrepreneurs will do is on their web page have a sources tab so at the major you individuals can click sources and then you have all of the gear almost everything that you use but their affiliate hyperlinks to Amazon so if a person purchases by these hyperlinks you make revenue but for this illustration mine the initial 1 I am speaking about right here is Amazon Associates okay that is quantity 1 let us get to quantity two which is some thing termed Clickbank alright Clickbank is possibly I would I would venture to say perhaps aside from Amazon the quantity 1 affiliate network out there and the cause is mainly because so quite a few entrepreneurs use this web page to make revenue alright so what is Clickbank and what are the merchandise so I will just zoom in a tiny bit right here so you can type of see the classes right here but all of these unique classes you can see employment training e-small business marketing and advertising small business and investing artwork all of these are unique classes of merchandise held right here on Clickbank okay and this is an astounding web page – come right here signal up certainly absolutely free you can select a products and then you can commence selling it each time a person purchases as a outcome of going by your hyperlink you will make revenue now 1 factor that I suggest for affiliate marketing and advertising in certain niches is wellbeing wealth and I often fail to remember this final 1 but it can be wellbeing wealth and relationships okay so wellbeing wealth and relationships are the 3 niches that I suggest that you go in so let us just say for illustration I go into wellbeing and fitness okay now if you are currently in the wellbeing and wellness you know niche and which is what you do perhaps your coach or no matter what your situation may perhaps be perhaps you are not okay but if you had been to make a niche web page or commence selling merchandise wellbeing wealth and relationships or what I suggest mainly because these are ache factors in these are places of lifestyle that individuals are often striving to improve so you often want to select a products or services which is going to 1 select a ache stage that individuals have in this products will support remedy that trouble or to improve an location of lifestyle for someone okay and so which is what I suggest but anyways you come to these merchandise right here following you signal up as an affiliate you basically select the merchandise you are gonna get a hyperlink I usually suggest cloaking that hyperlink so that way it can be not some significant extended strung out URL but some thing a tiny bit smaller sized less difficult to read through and then individuals click that hyperlink and you make revenue when individuals go by your hyperlink for a Clickbank all suitable so clickbank’s quantity two quantity 3 is termed CJ affiliate okay this is what the web page seems to be like and this is a extremely common 1 and they employed to be recognized as some thing I fail to remember what they employed to be recognized as but they transformed their identify to CJ affiliates okay and what takes place is they have a total cat you know a total checklist of unique partnerships and with CJ Affiliate they have partnerships with like mainstream outlets box outlets so allow me just throw some out there like Nordstrom Walmart whilst Walmart has their very own affiliate system what are some mainly some of the outlets that you’d come across in the mall so what takes place is these firms will system with CJ affiliate and CJ affiliate as its very own small business very a great deal does all the middleman get the job done so they permit affiliates like your self to come and signal up you suggest to be accepted to no matter what certain system it is that you want to advertise and then they are the middleman for that box keep or whoever that is and then you and then which is how that operates so you signal up right here select some thing that you want to advertise you are ready to advertise it if you get accredited for no matter what system that is all suitable quantity 4 is termed ShareASale this is a different extremely common 1 and I believe it can be just mainly because of their assortment okay they have a broad assortment of matters that you can advertise so you can do common merchants house-and-backyard trend green merchants small business merchants and then they have much more you can see the drop-down artwork music loved ones children meals and drink training just retain in thoughts what I stated about the 3 niches that I suggest now certainly you do not have to stick to my recommendation you could advertise no matter what you want in no matter what niche I truthfully think there is revenue to be manufactured in each single niche but I also know that in wellbeing wealth and relationships which is what individuals are often often often striving to make improvements to in their lifestyle or it can be a ache stage and so they are prepared to spend revenue to remedy that trouble and which is why I suggest that all suitable so ShareASale quantity 4 quantity 5 is termed flex delivers okay now this web page I basically have under no circumstances employed this 1 but with this 1 in the subsequent 1 or two commonly at the major major of the web page you can see it says affiliate system and then you get a drop-down and so in this 1 you can see all of the unique classes that have digital merchandise insurance coverage loved ones and small business okay so you would come right here once again you can signal up and then commence selling delivers that they have once again this is you know mainly affiliate marketing and advertising 101 when a person buys you get a commission very very uncomplicated all suitable quantity 5 is termed aven’t hyperlink so allow me leap more than right here is that what I just showed you guys flex delivers no right here it is have not linked okay and this 1 is just like the final 1 in which it can be gonna be at the major but I seriously like the the seem of their web page it seems to be very sweet but let us go oh there was 1 what was it I needed to mention some thing right here where’d it go okay so I needed to mention this mainly because I know that individuals who fall on my video clips and observe these are a good deal of instances from all more than the globe so it seems to be like what is this Terrific Britain Canada and the United States so this is not going to be throughout the world if you are outdoors you know in other nations it can be not all all-around the globe so just be conscious of that I needed to mention that so once again you are going to click at the major on affiliates and then this is going to consider you to their affiliate location you get data down right here about how it operates and all of that and I believe they have deep linking in things on that on this 1 as very well alright so once again this one’s termed aven’t hyperlink alright and the final 1 is termed Aven gate so allow me leap more than right here and I will display you this 1 once again this 1 type of seems to be a related the way that it it type of interacts type of just like the final 1 Aven what was it termed dang it Aven hyperlink alright so this one’s termed Aven gate alright and then the pricing up right here I am not positive precisely how this 1 operates or in which the affiliate signal mainly because I imagined I went to it earlier earlier so I could display you guys in this video but I am not oh yes I did it can be suitable right here at the major once again yes I just could not see it there for some cause but it can be you click on affiliates alright and then you come right here so it seems to be like they deal a good deal with computer software and SAS plans okay and so mainly you are gonna advertise now why would you advertise a computer software or SAS professional system as an affiliate here is the factor that I appreciate about the computer software business as in affiliate okay I have manufactured 1000’s of bucks as an affiliate just selling software’s okay now here is a amazing factor is individuals and entrepreneurs who are striving to make a small business on the net which at present is hundreds of thousand million zuv individuals striving to increase organizations on the net the amazing factor about that is the software’s essential to do this you can a good deal of instances signal up as an affiliate and advertise these software’s advertise these plans – excuse me – small business owners – entrepreneurs and then when they purchase that you know they are gonna purchase these software’s anyways you can make a commission so which is what I seriously like about this 1 so you guys that is my my checklist of the affiliate web-sites that you can go and get began with I would suggest if you are brand new to this like if you have no encounter with this or you do have a tiny bit I would suggest initial of all go down click the hyperlink beneath mainly because when you go into there you are gonna see phase by phase how to make a total time cash flow in yes with affiliate marketing and advertising but if you had been gonna signal up to 1 of these seven plans this is what I would I would suggest to you go signal up as an Amazon associate come across merchandise that you know that you perhaps use currently or that you could give suggestions about and then also go to clickbank alright so these are my two that I would suggest signing up to aside from going by my hyperlink down beneath in which also I am gonna give you a absolutely free e book on how you can do all of this and make a total-time cash flow suitable it can be phase by phase alright you guys I hope that this video aided you out if it did allow me know by hitting that thumbs up it seriously does support the video and I enjoy that and then also if you have remarks issues or something for me or the neighborhood right here drop a comment down beneath this video in the comment area and I will engage with you guys down there and then of program if this is your initial time right here on freedom influencer and you want much more video clips about how to make revenue how to make passive cash flow how to increase an on the net small business which is precisely what this this whole channel is all about my mission is to support you guys make a lifestyle of freedom and not just speak the speak but stroll the stroll to display you that if I can make a total-time cash flow on the net and I am no person distinctive that proves that you can do the similar factor and so my mission is to support you guys make a lifestyle of freedom so that way you can do much more of what you appreciate and what is essential to you in your lifestyle so you guys this is Nathan with freedom influencer and I will see you on the subsequent video bye for now [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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