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hey guys you ought to stress about 1 individual right here it really is going to give you a brief video and a phase-by-phase tutorial about how to location a banner ad on BSA which is by so addcom now I have been making use of this for the previous two to 3 weeks and obtaining fantastic benefits obtaining click to my internet site and opt-in and opt-ins to my landing pages so I am just going to present you how you can location an ad as an advertiser so this is what you do to location a banner ad with this business to start with matter you do is go to a market place location and you received a option of distinctive niches we’re going to contact the wellness and fitness journey on this company off the best of my head if you have received a banner ad currently from your business or what ever what ever company you are working you can just use it so you click on wellness and fitness and then it really is received a listing of the reality that you can use and they will present you what what what type of impression you get is the volume of site visitors that are on the website so as you see there is 1 for that 48 million one.three million eight hundred thousand two hundred thousand now these 1 ahead of you go into that 800 million you are having to pay per per impression so per one,000 impressions is $seven.00 per one,000 impressions so if you are if you are new to market place in putting banner adverts I assume you ought to go for the ones in which it really is just a flat charge like from that fifteen bucks up to that $90 $100 dependent on the kind internet site you are going what we’re going to search for our seeking at 1 is just randomly select 1 wellness wellness M or each is in wellness in so as you see this is $45 for 1 125 125 fan artist like the smallest banner for what it will be that forty 5 bucks for 30 days so you location this incorporating it be beneath to match and as you noticed updates the Adhan up 300 and some this is yet another supply of market place in your solution that you have received a site if you are on Facebook if you do in PPC to do YouTube this is yet another location to location your location location your banner ad so what we’ll do what what I do generally like I will click on the internet site right here obvi often I present you what it will inform you what the web-sites about and most of them let animated adverts so you just click on the internet site just to see what what the internet site seems like and in which your banner ad will be positioned she’s taking a bit so bear with me okay so who’s on this web page seems rather great when was your uncle as you go all more than the location like you will go there as 1 as well for the reason that this is the ones or program obtainable not for $45 so this is in which this is in which it will be played so it just depends that could carry website traffic sexuality information that that destroys website traffic as you see the at your lousy your banner ad will be positioned right here and then you can also check out the internet site for lag in which the website traffic most of these website traffic coming making use of related related internet calm this is a standard website it really is a totally free you can use it totally free but you can also perform from skews much more in-depth evaluation informational that they are about the business box it rather considerably you just kind in the identify and it demonstrates you if its rankings internet ranking soldiers volume of end users it demonstrates you this estimated site visitors time persons shell out on it two minutes common time bounce charge in which it really is primarily obtaining reformed of people persons immediately from social media for can get a a quick thought of in which coming from and then this tells you in which that in which the website traffic come from 50% is coming from the US and Australia United Kingdom so they are rather this is focusing on her to the correct market place persons in the USA persons with nations with funds it really is received fantastic website traffic also starting up it really is 1 I observed which was definitely definitely low-priced this 1 right here test it out check out this 1 this is much more for persons with modest budgets it really is at $29 exact same matter that see in which in which in which that banner adverts plays so this this include this internet site seems a bit that 1 seems a bit much more equal as you see it really is much less hectic so your your banner ad demonstrates up will present up much more and you can see these persons right here that is why I was saying is for the reason that this this was going to a Clickbank present so what you may do as you see there to two spots they are totally free so we’re gonna include like changing ad on this so what you would place accomplishing is just press by now and now it really is extra to your cart go to your automobile and it says upload am developing picture so oh god uploader of file which is a one one two five by one.five so then all you do is just include in your website link does note that you shall really feel it website link you may place right here and then I say drop 5 lbs in 5 days the onion click click click in 5 days click fantastic Blackie oops click so that is essentially you can see the previews of Ghatak they use anime interface animation so if you do not have a banner you can go on Fiverr you can get our stability accomplished for 5 4 5 bucks as you can see just kind in banner adverts in banner adverts or in banner ads much more go for banner adverts and as you see there is about 18,000 confident to pick out 1 and you just click the substantial substantial rating ones you can communicate to them come across out what type of child but child in banner adverts and you have received thought like an simple this so all you do is just click Conserve which we have currently received banners oops in worth so if you currently received banner adverts as properly you can back you see up up up what ones currently in there so you can you can pick out from from there okay so it really is saved so now it really is saying who you have to do is the college to checkout and billing which is the 2nd phase and you can shell out by credit score card PayPal also you could pop up the sequin you could pop up your exciting black place a hundred bucks or what ever and just click are accomplishing a facts there what ever what ever verify it really is a brief run down a brief run by way of or all of you go to marketplace pick out your niche blah blah blah blah blah we chose wellness and fitness pending on what Nisha in you click on the you pick out the and set what you want to use that one’s gone now for the reason that I have positioned it yet another is you can pick out like this has received 412 for obtainable so you could click select two adverts and place two distinctive adverts to type of see which 1 which 1 wins and it really is only $60 you are paying you include it to a quiet press correct now when it really is in your purchasing cart you edit say upload creatives you upload your picture place in your your URL your affiliate website link correct you know convert in copy and go to obtain it press now place in a fantastic in data and autocomplete and they get lat they say 24 hrs what they get faster than that say to say three hrs four hrs they will send your e mail and your matter to say your points currently being accepted and it really is reside and then you can check out it and be Wireless lives you can transform all over what that is about it is providing you a brief rundown how to location a banner ad inspire nevertheless ad ought to dress in – 1 individual signing out any thanks a great deal for viewing it really is currently being with lat subscribe right here we’ll get seeing demonstrates a downline and electrical power prepare share with family members and print and inverse wise investing freedom and get started off and it simple air controller on electrical power

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