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    Great For Beginners or As a Refresher Course in DSLR Photography, November 10, 2016
    Alan B.

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    This book is a great resource for those who are beginning their learning curve in DSLR or digital photography in general. It is also a great read for those of us who needed a “refresher course” or clarification of photographic terminology. It covers the three main topics associated with taking a good photograph including F-stop (aperture settings), shutter speed, and ISO ratings and how these three variables affect the final outcome of a photographic image. Understanding these variables allows the photographer to plan ahead, create a desired outcome, and feel in control of their camera. His discussions on filters, types of lenses, lighting, framing, focusing, and composition help the reader learn how to achieve a professional quality image. Black also touches on the various formats available when storing, editing, and transmitting photographic files along with some basics on photo-editing programs. I found it very easy to understand. I liked the various what I would call “tricks-of-the-trade” passages that were thrown in to help the photographer to begin to explore the idea of creating special effects. I also appreciated his explanation of focal length which I previously did not understand too well. This book clarifies, what can sometimes be an intimidating field of knowledge, the aspects of digital photography and puts you in the driver’s seat for your journey in creating quality DSLR images. Highly recommend for beginners and as a resource for a refreshment course on the various aspects of photography.
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    AUTISTIC WEREWOLF (Baltimore County, Maryland USA) –

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    Books on photography are often a boring maze of F-Stops, Appeture sizes and shutter speeds. I have read many books for folks like me new to Digital Photography. I am a computer nerd so I did not need to learn how to move my pictures from camera to computer for post production editing. However the introduction to the mechanisms needed to control how the little sensor experiences the light needed to capture a great picture was something I needed to learn.

    This book explained the TRIAD of appeture, shutter speed and ISO to a degree that I finally understood it as an equation. Each part of the photographers triad unleashes certain effects that if accessed correctlymake for great pictures. But like any equation the photography triad carries with it certain demons if shutter, appiture or ISO is pushed too far. This is NOT an exhaustive book that will make you a master photographer overnight.

    The book encourages new photographers to venture beyond the confines of AF = Auto Focus and play with the settings. The book is very liberating as it tells new photographers go out risk making mistakes as you learn the limits and trade offs imposed by appeture, iso and shutter speed in various environments. Photography should be fun because; you use your imagination to create the shot. Sure the world is filled with many things most of them mundane and ordinary. However your camera can use light, angle shade, contrast, saturation, exposure and more to redine the world as we know it.

    Photography allows us to employ the camera to reshape our perceptions of the simplest things. A door lock for example is something we see every day. However with a macro lens, the right exposure and some creative angles or lighting a simple lock can take on a whole new life as art. I am still a new wet behind the ears picture taker, I am not anywhere near good enough yet to call myself a photographer. I’m barely past the all auto focus all the time stage. The author of DSLR Photography for Beginners LOVES photography and wants to infect this readers with the joy that comes from engaging in the photographic arts as a hobby or an eventual profession.

    The writer of DSLR Photography for Beginners is more than just a photography book for beginners that outline the parts of the camera and what they do. DSLR Photography for Beginners shares the joy of taking pictures. The author of DSLR Photography for Beginners loves photography and it shows in the passionate way he teaches the subject in this book I’m a computer analyst and I LOVE computers. I still get that Christmas morning joy just starting up a new computer and getting it ready for its tasks. This Brain Black guy who wrote DSLR Photography for Beginners loves photography and for him taking pictures is like Christmas morning joy for him. I learn best from people who LOVE WHAT THEY TEACH WITH A PASSION! I read many Kindle books about photography and they were all informative. It took reading DSLR Photography for Beginnersto make me find the passion to start experimenting with my camera settings, going out and capturing images with almost child like reckless abandon. Heck many of my shots were terrible but a few shots were really awesome well composed and well lit. Best of all I enjoyed creating my pictures even the bad ones. Rather than delet my bad pictures I am keeping them so when I am finally good I can see how far I’ve come.

    DSLR Photography for Beginners does more than just teach you about your DSLR it awakens the passion of photography in you if you let it and for $3.99 thats a small price to pay for such a heaping helping of artistic joy!

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    Well Worth Every Cent & Then Some, August 7, 2013

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    To say this book is a real value is an understatement. I would have paid double the cost for this book and still been pleased with the information gained.

    The book is nicely laid out so you are walked through step by step and not overwhelmed with a lot of information all at once. Instead you read perfectly sized chapters and the author provides great examples using color photos.
    I think the addition of the color photos was what sold me the most on this book. You are able to look at the photo and fully understand the process the author is describing.

    If you are planning on buying a digital SLR camera or giving one as a gift- this book is THE companion guide for no stress, fast understanding and a fast start to taking great photos.

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