How I Drive Free Organic Traffic To My Online Shopify Stores

all right beautiful people welcome back to another video now the reason I was getting out all these videos for the last few days I’ve just gone away here a little bit of holiday time just busting out tons of videos for you guys and I’m going to schedule them because I want to give you guys value now this is something I debated whether I should do because there’s kind of a little bit of a secret on how I rank my Shopify stores but you know I’m going to give it away so this is nothing new big brands do this type of stuff but I’m going to show you how to actually rank your website’s properly and stop wasting money and stop wasting time but before we do that have to do a bit of a disclaimer because my videos get stolen constantly and uploaded on other people’s face are other people’s YouTube channels so if you are not watching this on Franklin’s channel this is Franklin’s video okay and if you are not watching it on my channel find me in the YouTube and subscribe okay because I’m kind of sick of my stuff getting stolen and this business will probably get stolen to the few econ guys are there that steal our mittens and do presentations and use them as well I’m not going to name names but one of the guys companies that’s or the big teeth could probably figure that out so um actually he’s the only guy I know that steals stuff everyone else is pretty pretty cool so this method is nothing new big brands do it but no one’s really talked about it with on YouTube or anything so I’m going to show you how I rank my stores in Google now there’s a dinner structure to my stores right you guys know that I do I do Facebook I don’t do what a lot of Facebook advertising now with my stores because I’ve got a structure so when I first started my stores I had a general store hundred Facebook traffic and I did Instagram traffic and then what happens I built a big email list so I had assets but then what I do my last my last you know my last thing that does SEO so I rank my stores and Google and I get you know now I get consistent traffic let’s make it consistent traffic from this tonight sort of advertising sometimes and I’ve been doing actually doing quite a bit of Instagram advertising now so I basically jump in and advertise when my sales die down from these but see if CEO is usually pretty consistent so if you don’t know what it co is once again if the audio is crap it’s because I my microphone broke and I can’t find a good one anyway I went to buy on the other day so um SEO is search engine optimization okay and what that means is you you do a few key things to put your website on the front page and I’m not going to go through a huge SEO tutorial will be here for like five days but I’m going to tell you how I do mine and I’m going you know it sound and then tell you like why you shouldn’t worry about getting to the first position and stuff okay especially with your eat are your e-commerce stores so SEO is and you need if you know if you if you know about SEO you know what you need if you don’t know about SEO you need to have you know good articles on your stores or on your site right and it’s very hard of a thumb SEO but I’m going to show you some tricks you need to have good on-page optimization okay good page optimization you need to head back links and you need to have things like a fast site right there’s a lot of factors but the main ones really we’re going to concentrate on the backlinks or PVC of good articles now this is the problem okay you have products on your store and what people tell you is you need to do descriptions in your and your product pages and stuff what you do but I’ll show you another trick now as you I’ll cover it the second first you actually need to also find our keywords okay you need to have keywords on your product pages and on your blog post which when I talk about and but I would concentrate on hitting long tail keywords they are so much easier to read for I’m looking like if you’re selling a fire starter you would like this fire starter that reviews or something okay so something that’s long I’m not so much short and I’m going to tell you how to basically rank all of your products with minimal work okay it’s pretty cool stuff it’s pretty cool stuff and it works extremely well but if anyone wants to steal this this came from Franklin first okay there’s no other videos about this sort of the fire okay I’m debating with actually share this but I’m going to share it so I haven’t found any other video so it could be so this is how you should rank your stores properly also if you don’t know much about SEO these things called in context which we’re going to talk about so basically if they on a nutshell you find keywords you put them in your product pages or in your blog post or whatever and then you send backlinks to them using anchor text to rank your stores okay if this tutorial so if you want to know more about that to spend the next couple days in Google learning it from blogs my vlog in other people’s blogs diggety has a good long I think that’s his last named engineer diggity he’s pretty good I’m Matthew Woodward he’s got mr. Woodward Co Co wk he’s got a very good blog as well about SEO and I’ve actually done it gets post on there as well so this is a teaching is how I rank my Shopify stores okay number one Heather structure it is very very hard to structure a Shopify store because things are really all over the place you have products everywhere it’s a bit of a mess it’s hard to structure your store someone talked about how I structure mine okay number two don’t worry about position number one okay with e-commerce you’re going to have a lot of combat Amazon big brands you’re going to have a lot of competition okay so it’s better for you to focus on ranking multiple products and like you know three four or five six positions so anywhere on the top ten number one is really very very hard for you to get to and number one only gets thirty three percent up the traffic anyway you’re still going to get traffic from this and if you have lots ranked in these positions you get a nice trickle of traffic and very targeted as well so don’t worry about number one who cares I mean if you can get there that’s good but if it’s dominated by Emmas on and other big branded product snores your friend must got zero chance about ranking then at least you become a huge authority in that product or niche I’m just going to tell it now because it’s going to take a lot of time work okay next you need to figure out keywords okay like if you have a product you know a cat a cat cell phone case so then you need to find the keyword tool I’ll leave a link to one down below or use Google Keyword planner you to figure out a list of keywords for that particular product page okay very straightforward and then your next product page an expectation and your blog but once again go find some tutorials on SEO and you’ll learn all of that stuff this is more about my structure and what works for me okay now when you are when you do easier on a normal site like let’s say a Clickbank website that has a ton of articles it gets quite easy because that site you can simply link to other articles on your store by keywords are a context and context and context and you can link everything up on the juice flows you know it’s another one here right the juice flows and it’s called up it’s called siloing right you’re building categories you do it in particular parts of your store it’s called a website structure also google that and you’ll figure that out so that’s what I do all my shopping places but I do it completely different to what everyone teaches this is what everybody teaches okay I you’ve seen actually seen many tutorials on SEO Shopify role actually what everyone says is um you know you’ve got your product pages everyone basically says do your descriptions with your keywords and send back links to those okay but you will you you some of you have hundreds of products – like 10 20 30 40 you’re wasting money by sending backlinks and stuff to every single one okay now you can structure these and you can link these up okay and the juice would flow through if you don’t know what backlink juicers basically send backlinks to one page the two flows through that one and that one and these really can stuff it’s very hard of a Shopify store to do that because it becomes messy it’s just a bit of a mess so this is what I do okay this is most bit of a secret sauce and I’m going to leave in suspense a little bit then just go and say Custer’s first you need to unload that SEO and a very long term gain you look at at least three months now Google’s pretty hard three months plus to even get to the front page oh I’ll say top top seven and the front page this is you know let’s just say it quite beautiful that’s why you’re kind of looking at at least now it’s changed a lot it has changed a lot and when you do your anchor Texas you want to do branding so your website name your generic stuff but once again do a google search in your dealers thing of that stuff that I might do some more in-depth tutorials I’m not sure but I’ll probably literally need to do like a whole entire course on this or something I don’t know but there’s a lot of stuff here I don’t stuff here next be prepared to spend money okay you need to spend money on SEO there is no denying it I just spent $7,000 on one of my stores okay and that was um articles that was backlinks that was all sorts of stuff tons of stuff that this is this is about six months worth of work tons and tons of stuff heaps of articles I’ll spare I spent so much money of really good articles I spent a lot of money on easier now I’m not saying you have to spend that much absolutely not you can you can rank a few things for a little bit of money okay it’s not it’s not those kind of the extreme end okay probably should have really jumped in like that broad deep this video ever that’s the extreme in but you do need some money for articles if you’re not going to writing okay backlinks if you don’t know how to do those okay you need some money for those especially for those all right and probably a keyword tool from a good keyword tool it needs the money for that okay so let’s jump into this real quick this is what I do I categorize my products into sections so let’s say I’m a hunting store okay which I’m in this niche let’s say I sell hunting backpacks which I had done to this column I get okay hunting backpacks that’s one category let’s say I sell they say I sell it’s a viable tool what I’m then going to do is I’m actually going to bring in more of these but different versions of different brands different colors let’s say I get two one two three four total tools okay so I bring them into my store different styles different everything saying here is now do four different kind of different brands different different stuff okay what I did do is I find my keywords and I do the descriptions on these then what I do is I – up work and I get someone to write the article it might be for top back tax hunting back tax of 2017 then what’ll I do what I do is I tell them to have their writing style as review slash sales okay now as you sort of change the thickness is running out so let’s change color here so what I do is I have will I’m gonna get rid of this in a second so what now what I’ve done is I’ve got I’ll put on the sauce he is down here and I’m stood on the line so I have four parks in my store now and guys by the way we get to the backlink stuff I’ve got some licks blog people that I use not affiliated with me or anything we’ll talk about all of that and good stuff as well so I’m helps you are getting some stuff so we have four products okay now those four products now have optimized with good descriptions that’d be crazy just good descriptions of some good long tales of them okay I have one article I’m going to use this account style it’s early in the morning for that I have one out of coin I’m going to use this online under start a blog on my Shopify okay so one article now for products you can do four five sixteen but just remember this okay this is important when it goes this now so take time only say $100 from this article which is typically about right for a good good article a really good article okay now just have done two thousand words okay so now what I do and I build my structure this way it’s really fun I build my structure I have an article that has product number one two three four and there is a review about the product a little bit of sales pitch and it is the link to each of the products okay product number one product number two product number three product number four now I want you to rate this as well and Google so I’m going to have keywords in here stuff like that okay but this is where the fun start to happen when I link these two here okay I don’t need to mess around oh that’s wrong I don’t need to mess around with trying to rake every separate product because what’s going to happen is when I build backlinks to this page only which is what I do I focus all of my SEO on this page only did juice on the backlinks overall start to rank this page but it will flow through to these product pages and it starts to rank these for their specific keywords over time they slowly start to read and you start to get tons of traffic so it’s better for me to do that than to just try and break every single product page do you get what I’m saying with that so I’ve built a structure a daughter structure based on these best best fall backpacks and I’ve linked it to the for backpacks and to things that are going to happen I’m going to read this and start to get traffic to here are traffic and they’re going to click through to my product page and I can get sales second these are going to start to rank slowly over time in a minute I’m going to stuck in traffic straight to the product page you get it so I just saved myself a bunch of time by doing that and you know you’re obviously going to add more products and some more suppliers you don’t show them on your store or anything but you just have to link them up right and if you want to you can link these back to other things home page or back to something else and get more flow more of a more in-depth soloing we’re not going to cover there but that’s what I do so I have a structure I’m basically building Authority in my site and you’ve seen it before you’ve seen stores like you go there’s a review name and they go to their to their product page I’m not saying this is at my method it’s not this is old as people be known for a long time but no one’s really talking about it with Shopify but it’s a very very very good way to structure your Shopify store for SEO and I probably recommend it the only way because you don’t want to waste money sending Declan every single one of these and that kind of what people do and they don’t understand that you have destruction things and you have to we you can even link these if you want but that’s once again another different solid structure but yeah that’s kind of what I do and it’s at some you one of my sources kind of like this now okay so I will have come on I’m working on I have articles and you can link the articles as well if you want to stay a very unrelated like you know Aneesh related and I haven’t been linking to my products okay I’ll try and get this done as fast as possible I usually like a I do have a weird number like top seven and I sort of stuff okay I’ve got them linking to my products and over time my store becomes an authority in their niche I’m sending more backlinks to here to here to here and then these start to rate over time and then your traffic builds up or get a perfect slowly slowly slowly that might be one month that might be two months here you’re getting no much traffic and then up here three months you’re getting a little bit four months five months right does take time but you are doing it the easiest way possible by not messing with your products and then a product pages it actually you do it properly structuring your site properly now you can link these that’s finally the juice will flow here and here and here and load the place and stuff but this as long as these are kind of linked somehow the juice is going to flow down throughout these but that’s not all your enter your traffic to this page as well and they’re going to flow out to your thing there possibly maker touches that make sense guys okay pretty cool stuff pretty cool stuff and done if you’re enters SEO with Shopify definitely gives us to give this a go because it’s it’s just basic SEO structures but I know a lot of people find hard to cigarette how to rake your shopify products right it’s hard you don’t know what to do you don’t know how to figure it out you don’t know how to structure things this is probably the best structure you can ever do this structure big authority articles linking down to your stuff okay and you kind of you have to do a lot of research in SEO you have to analyze the top ten as none of these is just coming in and doing this and making a bunch of big but let’s say let’s say an for instance this one here you’re optimizing for – keywords – keywords 1 2 2 1 3 1 so you’ve kind of got keywords in the descriptions and then we needle start ranking you have two keywords here to keep you here it’s money in the bank money and the bank like I said one of my other videos these guys convert very very well because they’ve already been searching for that product these they convert very very well if you having trouble with Instagram and Facebook don’t give up try other methods and this is an extremely effective method I think I saw the other day posted on a Facebook group and they made 10,000 just over ten thousand dollars in a week with just SEO it was only about twenty percent of your income but just search engine optimization okay so it’s pretty cool stuff that’s the structure I’m sorry if it’s a bit confusing but that’s the structure articles to product pages and then they read from the juice from others but if you if you want to break properly this is definitely excellent way to do it okay but there’s a few things you need to do as well so you’re basically is use articles to rate the products very very easy to do okay you’ve seen it on other sites top ten there’s popped in there bit hunting Hector you’ve bit panting hex and then just link out to other stuff right pretty cool so this is nothing new guys I’m just wanting to kind of like say that this is what I do because I know what all these guys feeling my stuff okay um and then second what you need to kind of analyze your top ten this is what I look for so if I the keyword that I’m trying to target you have the top ten in that category case you have ten sites what I look for one two three four five six seven eight nine ten what I look for is big brands okay if it is dominated by big brands within here kind of this range I’m not expecting to get up there okay so I’m just going to kind of aim for around here I’m just not going to really bother because I’m more about volume here I want to get as many products and other top pages possibly can or more a bit more about volume if this top ten is dominated by articles like mine okay so it’s dominated by articles I have a pretty good chance of getting my articles somewhere up here I don’t have to make it better I have to send more backlinks I have to do all that sort of stuff okay so I’m a pretty good chance for giving some articles out here depending on the authority of these sites okay now the ones that I look for these are the beauties these are the cream of the crop guys these are the these are the moneymakers if you analyze the top ten and there is hardly any brands maybe you might have your Amazon up here right you can disable Amazon up here and was on but these are cracky product pages from other Shopify stores or other stores there’s really any optimization and they’re just just product pages and you you know you do your backlink analyzing and stuff some of you know how to do that if these are crappy this is the cream of the crop this is this is beautiful it’s it’s music to my ears two reasons why you can come in here with an article and usually the smash smash you sign up here somewhere because these are all just there’s hardly any words on it they’re not usually to optimize them properly this is the cream of the crop and you can usually get an article up here somewhere under the brands or even to the top of this new frame usually get an article up here even then if these are crappy product pages you if you do your product pages profiting the structure properly you can also sometimes rank your products up here are usually I’ve done the articles and products won’t go the same page but you could do get your products up here it’s a lot easier because there’s a crap here they might not have a bit of structure like yours but this is the cream of the crop guide that you can find keywords and have average to just put random products that’s the cream of the crop that’s what you’re going to make the money okay so try and stay away from our top tens at a full of brands and authority and if you do hit up just expect to stay down here somewhere as they are dominated by articles sort of similar to yours like like top ten hats top ten reviews and stuff you can still hit then but you’re probably going to try and you have a bit of chance right pretty much and but then if it’s full of products that’s the cream right there okay capsules everything around me that’s what that means that’s the cream right so there’s kind of what I look for I try to find easy longtail keywords that are the front the top ten is just full of product pages because people usually don’t optimize product pages at all I’ve seen ones rank with no words on them okay that definitely indicate that this is a super easy keyword to get to super super unique you can get two and I usually always give them the top five when I do that always give the top five so you just want to make sure you analyze those top tens and be a bit of them if you don’t have any sort of SEO tools and stuff you would have one better follow them product ages there’s one more thing they’ll actually if they’re sort of product pages from the same site so let’s say the same site and this is very common to it says you know this say okay Amazon here and you’ve got a site here that’s pretty crappy you know they’ve got how many backlinks and stuff but there’s quite a lot of Leah Tasers sometimes it can be hard to get in front of them as well because Google’s just favored them pretty much you know they might have constructive backlinks or could be a brand thing but it can be hard to get and over top of them depending on how aggressive you do your SEO so you expect to kind of be down here as well on that one okay somewhere in this range just opinion was later because I try to rank a lot of products I actually don’t do much aggressive SEO I just focus on putting my links to those specific articles and giving all of those products rank now not all they’re going to rank it depends but I just like to give the top 10 even second page you get tiny bit of traffic even third page you can get a tiny bit of traffic usually not the case but you know just analyze the top ten and just look for those sectors okay product pages articles or if it’s dominated by big brands so that goes in a nutshell is how I rank my Shopify stores and I’ll have some more stuff on it more tutorials but I just avoid go I want to tell you some services that I use I’m not affiliated with these guys of anything there’s no affiliate links to this anywhere in the description but there are links down there some of the ISO what I used to rank these websites is a thing called web 2.0 x’ okay and what you do is that web 2.0 you link it to your article and you send other backlinks in that web 2.0 to make it stronger from PSD and stuff now I don’t do any of that I pay somebody okay there’s a link below and if you look in the review you will see a name called secret sauce that is me okay you’ll see I’ve done quite a few reviews I’ve probably done 70 or any orders from this guy not all the reviews are there but some of them are okay I’ll leave a link below to get that’s right focus although with 2.0 I do not do them myself in your eyes day at a time then what I do is I tell them you know I want branded and generic keywords okay usually what we took so Ecotec some like hey bro like I’ll get 20 web 2.0 and I’ll get you know half of them I’ll get generic anchors to learn or even spell and then I might get another 30% branded or 20 cent Brenda might give them some LSI keywords so like closely related to the windage my target but you’re of course going to a Google circle and sort of stuff next is my main man in hatred okay so this guy is pretty good for a wittle birth hatred or Dylan as some of you know he had probably the best TBN suicide ever used okay and it’s quite expensive but it’s expensive for a reason he’s good he’s got damn good there’s two types of he he sells these things called PB n leaves private blog networks and they’re basically the strong domains they get pointed to your site now with his that there’s two sides and TPB ends in the world these shitty be beings that you might pay two dollars for for a post those are good for sending to your web 2.0 blogs what am I doing here your whip 2.0 globs okay it gives it a bit more power then is good PBS what’s hatred heads I think that it’s about 200 bucks and 10 points or something don’t quote me on that don’t go and say hey Franklin said this these you points your main website if you don’t know about the ink of the stuff he might help you well don’t know if it will or not he’s probably too busy for that but those go to your main website okay so in two different types of they’re called pv ends now PBS have somewhat risky but his are pretty good I’m doing it any trouble I meet us and stuff right TVNZ risky when people do them wrong that’s why you don’t use the bad ones okay so I will leave those two services down there he’s actually got a new service now we gifts post so I’ll put that down as well not affiliated just and there’s also here some reviews on here from me as well so you know that I use this stuff I use it every single day second and if you want to get lips to your site its new outreach so I just an article that is hard though right now to contain a website they’ve got 119 links and 12 months and all they did was email other related websites that could be blog stores and they’re basically up if they could purchase all yelling on this site okay so you can do manual outreach I don’t like to do it at the pain but use email people other related sites and you asked me can get a link somewhere and sometimes I’ve charged you sometimes they won’t or you can do a guest post google that as well so that’s the guys that some that’s how I structure my stops and those purpose links and you know if you know about SEO then you know about this stuff but this is it in a nutshell understood again articles backlinks good good optimization on your on your article now you can go on up work and they’ll do SEO articles for you but they’re not that good so you might want to just go through and check yourself and then simply you know do top top seven blam are having the article have your products leave them out to the products and the way you go okay and just make sure these are all optimized for your specific use latest optimize all of them but just get some sort of optimization in there and then eventually this is going to start to rank for the keywords you’ve optimizing here and these are going to start to bring over time for but you know guys it could take three to six months can take six months to a year to start getting stuff right it just depends on your niche it depends on a lot of stuff so you can seek three grand in for your articles your backlinks all that stuff you might not see results for like six months so be prepared for that it’s not it’s not a fast game that’s when you would use Facebook or Instagram or something if you want to get money like that okay so that’s it guys pretty cool stuff nothing too crazy here just I just want to share with you my structure that I use and it works very very well for me and we’ll see your thing get some more information out of this but yet best search engine of my mission I’ve shown the structure works do very well the structure is bot proof okay you can’t go wrong with this because you are not wasting money and time doing every single product now you can if you want you can do another thing you can link products okay so you can have you know a couple products you’ve seen backlinks to one of them and you link them okay I don’t really do that stuff because the more content you have on the site the more Authority you start to get okay Google starts to notice you when you had huge articles you start to become Authority in that niche you get a way better chance of ranking on Google right people doesn’t care about your little products they care about the big picture they care about structure and authority and stuff so to start this way it’s super easy super easy by articles super easier right than yourself and that’s it guys subscribe for more if you heavens we’re talking about some cool stuff on this channel and then I will see you on the next one so subscribe right I’m going fishing every day

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