How You Can Get Paid By Starting Your Own Video Marketing Agency

hey guys what is going on my name is Michael and today we want to be talking about the video marketing agency program yes that’s right we finally launched it you’re on the right page right now and I want to get straight into it actually today I want to explain to you guys what this whole video marketing agency program is all about and how you and your business can benefit from it or in fact how you can start your own business with the video marketing agency program and how you can literally change your life doing so in fact I will talk I would be talking about three different things that are very very important or at least I think that they’re very very important for you guys to know if you want to go out there and start your own video marketing agency and if you want to know exactly how this will impact your life okay so as I said this program this training is all about how to get businesses to pay you 1,000 to 2,000 dollars every single month for ranking their YouTube videos right in some cases that can even be more because we actually had a test group going on before we actually launched the program and there were a bunch of people who managed to get more than $2,000 per client for their videos for their video marketing services right so these numbers are just averages but I’m going through the whole thing I’m going to explain to you guys how this works alright guys so let me ask you one simple question okay I want to ask you how would your life change if you actually had a business that would generate you monthly income every single month on autopilot right so as you might know I also own an agency called extreme social right we do all kinds of stuff we do paid advertising social media and all kinds of stuff but we also have our main focus on YouTube marketing right and there the case is that of course in the beginning I had to start everything from scratch the same thing I will show you in the program in the video marketing agency program right had to do it all myself and right now though I’m at a point where I actually managed a team that do like literally 98 to 99 percent of the work that has to be done they do it for me they do it for our agency right so I just have a controlling kind of function like an over looking over viewing all the activities are going on and that’s what I basically do right so for me it kind of feels like it’s passive income right it kind of feels like that all the clients who are paying us it kind of feels like it comes and passively right and that’s something I’m pointing out right now this will not be the case I’m not be asking you guys right here right in the beginning it’s going to take a lot of effort and it’s going to be something else something different but it’s worth doing it right because in the long run after that it will feel because I will also show you how to outsource stuffing and all these things right it will feel like passive income right so also what would you say if you’d make at least ten thousand dollars per month in reoccurring income guys and the thing is with a video marketing agency this is a by the way there’s the disclaimer a little disclaimer the results aren’t guaranteed and that’s that’s just with all the cores of all the training out there you can’t guarantee results but I promise you guys ten thousand dollars a month with a video marketing agency is pretty realistic to be honest you know because the whole business model and I will go into this whole business model thing in this video by the way the whole business model works it’s reoccurring payments right so this is also different than all the other I don’t want to say BS but all the other stuff that you see out there is kind of oversaturated already like when it comes to Shopify stores drop shipping all those kind of stuff these other guys want to teach you right because that only depends on one-time payments like 99% of the time right also affiliate marketing and this stuff right use probably signed up for the tube millionaire of course and stuff pretty awesome course everything insanely good but once you start getting into reoccurring income you just take everything to a whole nother level simply due to the fact that things are stacking up your income is stacking up right for example in the first month you get two clients right to pay you a thousand $2,000 in the first month so in the next month if you had like some other business model where it’s just one-time payments you would start at zero right but in this case you have this $2,000 secured by the clients that you already closed then the next month you can go on and close another two clients that’s $4,000 and every month it stacks up so you do this every month it’s six thousand eight thousand ten thousand so that’s why I’m saying ten thousand a month passively recurring income it’s not even hard with an agency of a video marketing agency of course you’ve got to keep the clients but in the course and the program I’ll also teach you how to keep them right so next question is if you had a business that would write it could that you could potentially sell for twenty to twenty five x the monthly profit right of the business right and a lot of people don’t know that right so a lot of people who sign up for course with training online or who tried to start an online business that’s one mistake I also made in the beginning of my career right I didn’t really pay attention to any potential exits right so and like maybe like selling the business or something right I always thought about income right I always thought about direct income that comes to my side and it comes into my bank account and that’s basically what I thought about right and right now it’s kind of different you know and that’s also changed once you start Ricky procuring income and stuff this is something that changes for you because it changes your mindset right because imagine and that’s a fact you know that’s a fact that you can sell online businesses usually sell for 20 to 25 X 25 times their monthly profit so let’s say you make $10,000 profit a month with your video marketing agency times 20 that would be two hundred thousand dollars so 200,000 to 250,000 dollars would be an approximate sales price for such a business right so just imagine you can make $200,000 or even if you scale it real high two million five million dollars with one deal right that’s really insane that’s just imagine you do this with multiple agencies and things like this is just just you can just imagine what what kind of numbers you can create with this okay I don’t want to spin this I don’t want to go too much into this right now I’m just trying to give you a little overview a little bit a little a few hints on hat on what you can do what is actually possible with this video marketing agency stuff right and I’m the first thing that I want to be talking about I promise you three things right the first thing is what you really have to consider is that you will actually be one of the first people or businesses actually doing this the way that I teach it right and you have to understand that this comes this doesn’t come from from just anyone who’s teaching you how to rank YouTube videos and through YouTube SEO and marketing and stuff like this right this actually and I don’t want to like put my myself on like like a throne or something or something big up there but it’s just a fact that I know what’s going on when it comes to YouTube marketing YouTube ranking you many of you guys for watching this sign up form a tube millionaire course because I mean obviously just sales were just for this course but kind of crazy to be honest and many people know what we’re doing I’m just putting it too in a whole nother level with this program right here and the thing is that as you’ve probably noticed if you’re active in the online marketing world in the online marketing niche in in in the industry you know all the youtubers out there all the people on YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram what they’re promoting most of the time last year it started and the year before that also they promoted social media marketing agencies drop shipping I mean there’s probably a million drop shipping courses out there right now Amazon courses right Amazon FBA all kinds of stuff affiliate marketing courses right that’s the stuff that’s out there right now right that’s the stuff they’re hundreds of thousands of people are signing up for for these courses that’s what they’re doing that’s what they’re studying that’s where they’re trying to actually put into reality I will tell you guys most of these guys are actually failing not only because they don’t have a talent they don’t have to work ethic but also because many of these models most of the stuff that these guys are teaching you these models are almost always oversaturated already it’s just too many people right now trying to stuff and it’s just too many people are trying to get a piece of the cake of the big cake they’re trying to get their piece and it just simply not work anymore it’s not for everyone you know now as I and if you’re watching my youtube videos and I’m sure most of you guys already watch my youtube videos because most of you guys come from my youtube videos to this page right here if you’re watching my videos I always say that the best business just start right now and in general busy that’s how I got started right before you go into fancy stuff right before you go into actually where it’s really hard where you got to do real marketing real branding real real difference kind of stuff all kinds of ads management and all kinds of complicated stuff that doesn’t really work anyways most of the time before you start that a service based business is the best thing to get into and it gets even better if you can guarantee results you know because that’s something what a lot of people when it when it came to the whole social media marketing agency thing for example right that’s something a lot of people failed doing because I seen a lot of people they sign made it social media agency or whatever they signed out they got clients to sign up and then they went into Facebook groups asking for advice on how to deliver results for these clients so if that’s the case you’re it’s all for for nothing you already failed it’s just that’s just the truth right but if there’s someone out there who can give you one simple strategy that guarantees 100% results for the clients to sign up that they will make money if that’s the case that’s a whole different scenario and that’s what we’re talking about right here with the video marketing agency because that’s that’s a whole different game because if you have a proven strategy on how to rank videos on Google and not many people are doing that different than in social media marketing agency or something then the chances are really high that you can provide results for your clients and that rulers soul in more money for you because I will also show you a model where you don’t just charge your clients money for the service but also get a commission for whatever they make then it will just result in satisfied clients the monthly retainers they will stay longer with you because obviously I’m not trying to like BS your right here most of the people who are starting an agency or something if you don’t know the skills if you don’t have the skills if you don’t know what you actually do you will close a client if you’re lucky you will make a sale and they will leave after first or second month because they don’t see results because obviously you have to understand most people that are not stupid you know it’s they just thought stupid if they want to see results they want to get money right they want to get money they want to get paid they want you they don’t just pay you a thousand of two thousand three thousand five thousand dollars chief or nothing like right it’s not like there’s some big-ass corporation or something it’s just throw out money for nothing these are legit businesses that want to make money got to stay healthy they can’t go into the retsoor something they have to really make money so they won’t throw out money so you have to understand how to deliver results right so this is the first thing right here you will be one of the first people doing this there is not many people out there doing this already in fact there is no one out there right now using these methods and I will teach you in my training there are video marketing agencies out there obviously there are agencies out there to create video content for people there are agencies out there that try to do you video SEO YouTube SEO right it’s just different though my stuff my strategies that I’m teaching are based on the tube millionaire strategies there are proven strategies to rank YouTube videos very high and we also go in different niches and stuff so it’s really different than what normal people normal businesses do right now okay so the next thing I want to be talking about is what a lot of people don’t understand a lot of people missing out on this opportunity right here ranking YouTube videos or YouTube SEO YouTube marketing is highly profitable it is more profitable than Facebook Twitter and all these other things if done right and that’s what a lot of people don’t understand and by the way the whole thing is ranking YouTube videos as highly proudly and not many people know how to do it that’s what I want to get into if you know how to do it because most people really just don’t know how how to really how to do how to really do it for real okay and the thing is with YouTube marketing youtube SEO if you’d and I will show you an example right here in a second leg and one and I will actually show an example um if you do it right you can make your clients tons of money you can there’s different ways to do it I will show you all of this is my training one example would be let’s just take the plumber niche right so there’s plumbers all around the US and by the way there’s also works in other countries and stuff but we will focus on the US because it’s just the easiest way these is market to do it in I’m the average plumber in the United States charges anywhere between 200 to like four four hundred dollars per session like per service they perform right so if you have keywords like for example emergency plumber Reno Nevada or emergency plumber of New York City or whatever this works in all kinds of cities right if you have a keyword like this people and you manage to rank a video on Google for this keyboard with a phone number people call that they called a company they order them they pay them 400 bucks and I will show you how to charge these companies a commission meaning a specific percentage of whatever they make on that sale plus a monthly retainer and everyone will make the deal with you everyone will make the deal with you because it’s a win-win situation right there’s no loser in this scenario right here it’s a win-win situation you give them more clients you make money they make money that’s it you know there’s nothing else okay so I will go through this real quick I will actually show you how to do this right here right now one example I would just show you one example because we got to go through this video real quick right here got to show you this so on what I want to show you guys it’s just a real quick example right here right um as I told you the example with the plumbing mission something by the way in the course I will go through all kinds of different niches all kinds of different industries that you can do design right I’m just picking the a plumber niche right now because it’s actually pretty good niche to do design it’s very highly profitable and its really it’s kind of an inside thing that I’m already giving out to you guys right now but yeah it’s just the way it is so when you go to right to type in 24 hours emergency plumber marine or about a call now this is something the person will type in who listen Reno Nevada and they would need or they are in the need of an actual plumbing service right now okay and you have to understand where people type that in they want to call the number right now okay this might not be a keyword that millions of people are searching for every single month but is it is a keyword that maybe 10 people are searching for every day and out of these 10 people five people will call our client I will show you our client real quick we call our reclined and you will get a commission plus you charge a monthly fee okay so when was crawl down right here what we can see is first of all we can of course see all the places and the normal things right here but that’s not really what the customer searching for right now okay when we see this right here we scroll down and what really pops into our eye right here is a video right and in this video a video you can see it has a Tyler right here and it shows an actual number in the video right normally what I always teach us because this is just an example thing right here did just Google right now out of the blue what I normally teach is to put me a number in the title right of the video so you can actually see that so that’s the thing what I will teach you guys is how to rank these videos very high for specific for these keywords people will call them and they will actually getting in touch with them obviously call him up make they will make a sale the plumber will make a sale and then you can pay right so and as I said everyone will make that deal with you right people businesses will actually make the deal with you because it’s just so profitable and the good news is there’s not just one city in the United States right there’s thousands hundreds of thousands of City you can’t use it as you can do this in and also you can do this in small cities right it’s it doesn’t have to be I mean Reno is not that big but it doesn’t have to be your city it doesn’t have to be LA it doesn’t have to be Miami it can be smaller it can be smaller cities I will also show you a way you can do this in your local city right because then you have an easier time closing clients right you can go to them meet them in person actually close them up make an appointment on the phone go to them meet them in person close I’m going to deal you have when you will have an 80% 90% closing ratio right here if you’re good you have a 1/2 percent closing closing ratio right I know people who are great salespeople they close 100% of the deals right they just do it right but of course even if you live in a smaller city whatever you don’t have to worry because the internet I mean obviously on the internet everything is possible you can simply do this from wherever you are right you can be the small city ever you can get clients from from all kinds of cities all around the US or the world right so yeah that’s basically it for this point right here and the last point I want to be talking about is number three right here the potential of a video marketing agency and I want to just go again I just want to go through all the advantages that you have while running a video marketing agency right and why it’s so why it’s such a great opportunity especially right now we’re in the beginning of 2018 January just passed over half the mountain monsters past you still have the full year basically to to do it big right now and I just really want to offer you this opportunity by the way I to be honest I would not have I didn’t have to really make this program you know it’s like it’s it’s actually this program is more like a result of people constantly hitting me up and telling me Michael after the tube millionaire course thing I know how to rank videos I know how to do this how to do that but can you show us can you show me how to like really build an actual real big business with clients that I can manage where I can get monthly recurring income that I can scale and that I can later on maybe sell because all these people right now all the people are following me and stuff you guys know I I got one harvest and laser focus right now into your like creating software and stuff right creating software doing bigger things I have the agency stuff going on right but it’s almost outsourced right now the whole thing’s basically outsourced I keep it running I keep going with it I got people or closing sales for me I got people who are getting Cline’s and I got websites Frank that constantly get traffic now I’m get clients and stuff so in the video marketing agency program what I’ve basically going to show you is and I was I will guide you I’ll walk you through it real quick right now there’s a bunch of chapter so I think it’s like six and the six or seven chapters it is actually a modules whatever you want to call it and each and every module our chapter consists of like many different videos like five or six videos or something okay and it basically starts off by guiding you through the whole thing how to set up your website I you don’t have to dress by the way but it’s just like it’s still included right it guys to through how to create your own website for your agency I will also show you my own personal website and stuff how to really do it professionally by setting up your your Facebook ads and Facebook pixel for their for the website and stuff that you got going on not that you need to start off by Facebook ad but doing Facebook ads or anything like this but I will still teach you how to do it then I will guide you through the whole thing like how to get your first clients right that’s when it gets really important that’s when it gets really interesting right and also cited in the course in the program how to get your first clients how to how to approach them where to find them what exactly to do to find new clients every single day I will show you a bullet proof method because you have to understand on the internet and a lot of people are forget that or underestimate that it’s a numbers game right it’s actually a numbers game if you contact and I show that in the course if you contact 100 people one hour businesses every single day and I’m talking about for example emailing right because my heart is pretty big right now but if you do but by emailing it’s very easy to do you will at least get in touch with like 10 or 20 of them alright and then you can call them up and close them then you will at least have a 50% closing ratio at least ok or you can do it like that and I shouldn’t program too you can also do it like that just call up ten businesses having at least 50 60 70 % closing ratio make an appointment or you close them directly on the phone and that’s how you get them as clients right what’s really important though is that you get the right clients and make them the right offer and that’s what I’m going to teach you in the course right how to basically persuade them so they think or that they know it’s a win-win situation because a lot of people suck at selling but if I give you with the stuff that I will give you in the course it will basically be it will basically be really really easy to do so so I will show you the whole thing when it comes to getting clients and stuff right and that’s basically all you need right you’ve got you get clients and then it comes to the whole beauty of the thing comes which is the whole YouTube ranking right I will go through how to rank the videos on Google how to rank them on YouTube how to make sure to do the right keyword research I will talk about how you can start off by targeting more lower e competition keywords to guarantee results in the first place and then stack it up to more like higher competition keyword it’s over at a time over time because you also have to know when you have clients and stuff you don’t want to deliver all the B all the all the golden nuggets right at the first the first thing right you want to keep declines as long as possible and you got to be smart about it okay and I have right now I started online marketing when did I start I started 2012 like 2012 there was nothing real serious until like 2013 or something you all know my story it came up on started selling services so I basically started service based right but on fiber right so it’s mini services right still ended up making ten thousand dollars on and I’m reinvested that money because I literally started out with zero money like I didn’t have money I I literally didn’t have any money okay like like nothing because when normally people when they say they don’t have any money they just they basically mean they had like I don’t know five hundred six hundred bucks in a bank account and I say had no money I literally had no money so I literally did not invest any money not even ten bucks into my business I bootstrapped it I made five bucks on Fiverr I made 10 20 30 bucks on Fiverr reinvested that if you even want to call it that way for hosting and domains and stuff and then kept making money okay then I put my first service based sides and that’s how best it got started okay and it back in the day was all it was all hustling it was all struggle because first of all there was no one teaching that second of all because I just had to do it I just had to force it and you guys still have to force it you still got to do it but you have a big big advantage if you’re signing up for this program right here you know because in there there’s really stuff that I gathered through all of my experience that I got through all of the years that I’m doing this right here this is just the experience that I gathered and I want to share with you guys right here so what I also want to be talking about though is there’s some questions okay because I was doing some live streams and some webinars and stuff in the end in the the past so I prepared a few questions that you guys my viewers and followers asked me and I just want to get them out of the way in case you have any concerns or something when it comes to the whole video marketing agency program or just any of the courses or whatever and something that I want to address um to all the people who are asking the question or who are talking about if this stuff is the stuff that I’m teaching if it is a scam or if it’s a get-rich-quick scheme okay and I want to tell you something about this stuff is that I’m honestly convinced and I don’t want to sound to our own sound arrogant or something like this I’m honestly I’m 100 convictions of a scam is you sell something that doesn’t work okay but obviously there’s not much that that that cannot work with this okay I present you a business model and it’s on you if you want to do it or not okay and it’s definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme because I don’t promise you that you’re gonna make 10,000 20,000 30,000 or even hundreds of thousands of dollars within the first month doing this or something okay that’s basic definition of a rich quick scheme because these people try to lure people in by actually telling them or you can make a bunch of money real quick I actually tell you that this is it’s not going to be easy like I’m literally gonna tell you it’s not gonna be like you just sign up you watch it one time and then you go out there and and you just just just make $5,000 like just like that the next day it’s not going to happen most likely okay unless you’re pretty lucky okay um it’s not going to happen you’re gonna consume the content you’re going to try it out and you’re actually gonna fail a little bit you know you’re gonna approach a client and they’re gonna say no you know they’re gonna say I’m not interested you know they they gonna say we don’t have time we don’t want to make that appointment we don’t want to we’re not interested in YouTube marketing even though you’re trying to convince them and then that happens to me all the time you know I’m saying it happens to me all the time that I’m trying to even in my position right now even I can’t go out there and just make sales all there is failure involved you know and and that’s with all the big online marketers out there like there is failure involved we’re still failing on a daily basis but you gotta embrace that failure dough you know you got to embrace that failure and take it and put it into more momentum more motivation and actually keep going and make sales okay so this is definitely not a scam and it’s not a get-rich-quick get-rich-quick scheme and I can also tell you one thing that there’s no risk involved anyways because I also give you guys a 30 day money back there and see what this video marketing agency so if you’re not satisfied for whatever reason I will literally give you your money back for the video marketing agency because I just don’t I just don’t want anyone to sign up for my stuff and don’t and don’t like it you know and don’t don’t not like it but don’t enjoy it or not actually see it as valuable okay because I want you guys to really get value out of this if you don’t get value out of this in my opinion I also don’t really deserve your money okay so another question I get a lot or that a lot of people in webinars ask is your life webinar said I’m doing this stuff is what if I do not have the money to buy the course okay and first of all this course right here because this is the this is basically the pre-launch this is not the actual official meta launch things is the pre-launch kind of test group this is still considered a test group right so what happens is you’re on this page right now and you opened a slot for yourself right if you’re leaving this page it’s Lots gonna close and someone else is going to get in we’re except 25 people right now in this test group this may be going to be another test group before the next launch we’re not 100% sure you will see a timer down there but the thing is normally this program was set for two hundred ninety seven dollars but right now you can get it for ninety seven dollars only because you are part of the test group because we were on this page right now is kind of a special pages a slot that’s how we call it opens up for you if you actually go if you leave this page the slot for you will close and it will be open for the next person who comes in there okay there’s only 25 slots open all in all so if you’re leaving in the other person comm maybe over 24 you will not be able to get X’s anymore for that price okay so now to answer the question um the thing is to be honest I have no mercy no mercy with people who don’t have at least 97 even 297 and I’m gonna be 100 honest with you even not a thousand bucks if you if you’re serious about your education or not even your education but your future in a way you know if you’re serious about that and you don’t you can’t came up with you cannot come up with a thousand bucks or 297 or 97 bucks like this is literally like 97 bucks if you go to New York City if you spend and now if you go out one night it’s easy to spend like three hundred five hundred dollar dollars a night and that’s not even even bed expensive for New York City um you should copy people always people are always ready to spend tons of money on stuff that don’t need but they’re not they’re hesitant and not ready when it comes to something that actually pays off for them in the long run okay people go out there and buy two hundred three hundred dollar Jordans or $300 bags or thousand lot of Gucci bags or whatever and they can’t buy or they don’t want to buy a $97 course because they think it doesn’t pay off like it’s not like you go in the shop you buy a Gucci bag and say will that pay off should I spend a thousand dollars on that will I actually get 20 . $20,000 back next month or is this a scam that’s not how are you asked the question right so when it comes to this program when it comes to program the chant in general you should just listen to just if you know that it’s the right thing for you to do and if you’re searching for a great opportunity then just do it you know I mean just just pay the money because if you’re young what are you what exactly do you have to lose honestly to be honest like it’s not like it’s not like you’re actually gonna die or something if you pay a hundred bucks or a two hundred three hundred bucks for a course that will help you anyways in the long run you know it’s it’s really not like that so be sure to do that and don’t out on this okay so another question we get asked a lot when it comes to the video not so much with other stuff but when it comes to the video marketing agency because obviously as an agency you have clients and stuff what if I don’t live in a big city what if I don’t live in a major city okay good news is for you guys this works for you no matter where you live okay I said earlier if you live in a big city or in a city where you have businesses and all kinds of stuff you you have the opportunity to make actual appointments in real life that’s an advantage for the guys who live in bigger bigger cities and in the Institute where something is going on okay that’s something that that’s an advantage actually but what’s the truth is you can literally live in live in in Poland or in in in in Spain or in Argentina and get clients plumbing clients or a lawyer who’ll block dr. Klein’s from the US you know it’s 100 possible you know it literally doesn’t matter where you live so I get this out of like that that’s it you know it doesn’t really matter where you live so that’s not that’s not an excuse right here right one more question that we get a lot is why do you do test groups and why do you not launch the thing just completely so far as I already mentioned we’re probably going to do a big launch really really soon wearable cellphone $297 okay think why we do a test screw abysm we did one before they’d already told you was the one guy that made over five thousand with one client and the reason why we’re doing test groups basically is because imagine this as I already told you before there’s too many people doing this okay and as I told you already in other videos and other of things like I have a reach on YouTube right now five million people okay and it was funny because one person on my video made a weird comment saying oh you don’t have five billion people you only have thirty five thousand subscribers but five moving people is the amount of people who are watched watched my videos right that I can send ads to right so the potential reach of the whole channel is five million people and even more on Facebook but I will talk about this in another video another stream or something so if I blast this stuff out to five million people right I’m not one heart I don’t want her to censure yet if that’s something I actually want you know it’s not I’m not I’m really not one harvest insurance if I want that you know if I want too many people doing this okay because this is something I actually just want to share with a few people test it out first and see how it goes okay so this is imagine do you guys want and that’s that’s a question I’m asking you right now if you have this this new thing basically a video marketing agency you rank clients videos on Google and YouTube and stuff and you could pay tons of money is so much better than all of these other programs and things out there because it’s just it just works first of all and then just it’s not oversaturated yet do you really want to get like 100 or 200 thousand people doing the same thing right now at the same time starting at the same time with you two hundred other thousand two hundred thousand other people starting their video marketing agency right now maybe also going to go for like the same things that we show in the courses and in the groups and in in and whatnot by the way you also get access to the Facebook mastermind group that we got but do you really want that or should we just keep it more like low-key and actually make sure that only a specific amount of people gets in that’s on you to decide but right now for right now we will keep the testicle thing right so right now you’re in the slot right now you have the opportunity there should be a time or something somewhere on the page you have the opportunity right now to get it for $97 and I actually want you guys just sign up right now to be honest just scroll down click the link BOM sign up and then I have you in the test group you will we will have exclusive access to me personally because you will get access to the mastermind group on Facebook where I will reply to all of your stuff and you can also feel free to message me on Facebook and stuff and most likely be reply even though I get tons of messages but if you’re just say that you’re in the test group and I will for sure answer you but yeah that’s it for the video right now be sure to sign up right now and see you on the other side and yeah have a lot of success with the agency so that I can brag with my success students and my success result be sure to document everything and yeah as I said so you guys on the other side

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