Born Patrick Kelman Samek, November 1 1968, Paris France. Preformed at the Moulin Rouge and attended college for several years to become a designer. In 1990, she was in love with a guy named Michelle in Paris. He died in a car accident and at the urging of her friends decided to go to San Francisco to recover from the loss. She arrived in 1991 on a visa. She stole 2000 franks from her rich father before leaving for the US. After running out of money sher tried everything to get back home, going to both the INS and the French Consulate, to no avail. She called her family, but they refused to help. Stuck in San Francisco, she became homeless.

I too was homeless and waiting outside the episcopal shelter on 8th street one day to see if I won a bed that night when she came around the corner with a pink teddy bear in her arms. It, for me, was love at first sight! I grabbed a fake gold chain out of my bag and made my move.

patrice samek


She was receptive to the gift and then headed back to the MSC South shelter. I managed to get into that shelter and proceeded to do the mating dance, so to speak, for some months thereafter. I was living on disability money. We finally got together and over several years stayed in different hotels. She didn’t much care for me for the first year or so, but in time I grow on her and she came to love me. In 1995, we got a break. A friend of hers offered us an apartment in Oakland. I had been working security for sometime so had an income. Mrs. Wong who became like a mother to me took us in and in time made me the apartment manager.

Patrice was so many things. Warm, loving, bitchy, domineering, funny, artistic, adventurous, pretty, deceptive, sexy, charismatic and attracted friends like a magnet. We lived our life until around 2005 when I became jealous, got drunk and reported her to ICE. I called her and told her what I had done. She came home from being with one of her many sex partners and was furious. We talked it out and made a mad dash to move before the feds got there. Funny, looking back, they never showed up.

We and her friend Mel managed to get a place in San Francisco. It was the whole top of a building with three bedrooms. Eventually, Dee moved in and we had other girl friends stay there for extended periods of time as well. Everything there was going good for five years, then the owner lost it to foreclosure. It changed ownership hands a couple of times until a Church bought it and hit everyone in the building with an Ellis Act Eviction. It’s at this point that I decided to buy a house in Oakland.


So, everyday life went on until December of 2014 where I found myself in love with Andrea. I was up front with Patrice from the beginning. It took Andrea a number of months to come to terms with her feelings for me. Try as Patrice might and under the condemning pressures of her friends, I would not let Andrea go. I was very much in love with her. It was the holy grail of fire and passion, but I loved Patrice too.

At one point Patrice recommended that I spend one week with Andrea and the next at home going back and forth. This worked for awhile until I ran out of money. Andrea and I suffered over those years but refused to let go of our love for each other.

Patrice had AIDS and didn’t take her pills from 2016 forward. I urged her too, but she said she was fine. Then in 2018, her body went to hell in a hand basket. Primary problem was kidney failure. She went back and forth into the hospital, but finally succumbed to the overwhelming damage. She died on February 13th, 2018. By April of that year, Andrea and I were together.

I put up a memorial to Patrice in the house. I loved and miss her very much, but we have 5 dogs and my life has to go on.

Twenty five years my love. Rest now my baby, rest.