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    Another First Class Book by “The Millionaire Maker”, October 3, 2017

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    Detailed, direct, filled with decades of experience. The NoB.S. series is excellent. I have been in business for most of my life, and have worked as both a coach and business consultant to many companies. This is an excellent self-teach guide/manual/handbook for everyone involved in sales and marketing.
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    Not His Best But Worth Reading, May 10, 2010
    William McPeck (Maine) –

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    Wow. This book kept me so engaged I completed it in two sittings within a 24 hour period. This is the fourth book in the No B.S. series I have read. While it is not his best, I still think the book is worth reading.

    This book is about how all types of businesses can use direct marketing as one of their marketing strategies. The book is divided into three sections, The Foundation, Case Studies and Resources.

    In typical no B.S. Dan Kennedy fashion, the author lays out direct marketing rules and fundamentals in the first section. The case studies were written by business owners who successfully used direct marketing tactics to grow their business. The section is divided into the retail, restaurant, professional practice, sales and service sectors, with one or more chapters devoted to each sector. As I read each case study, I reflected on how I might utilize, in my own setting, the strategies and tactics being presented. While most of the case studies offered value and were worth reading, there was at least one where I felt the chapter was nothing more than a pitch fest for the author’s direct marketing system.

    If you are already using direct marketing, read this book anyway. I bet it will help you be better and more successful at it. If you are new to the concept of direct marketing, this book will serve as a great introduction for you.

    I got several great ideas from reading this book. I am glad I read it and I bet you will be too.

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    A Bargain Book of Ideas for Local Businesses, February 5, 2014
    Kindle Customer (Massachusetts, USA) –

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    I’ve been a follower of Dan Kennedy for awhile when I wanted to learn the art of copywriting. I rediscovered his direct marketing materials through this easy to read book. You will find more than nuggets in this book but a goldmine of information about the discipline of direct marketing. Dan is an expert guide on how to use and apply it and provides some excellent practical case studies on its implementation.

    For the $12 you pay it’s a steal. Even if you only get one or two ideas that you feel are good for you you’ll be ahead of the game, but I’d wager you’ll not have time to implement everything you’ll discover here. Choose wisely.

    Do not expect this book to “crack the code” of weaving social marketing into Direct Marketing. Dan is skeptical of value of social marketing for a local business using direct marketing – check out work of Kim Walsh-Phillips who has worked with Dan’s company on cracking the code for them using Facebook. But start with this book first to learn the basics and the ground rules.

    Dan makes frequent mention of his other books as providing more information to a specific topic discussed. Is this marketing his other books within his books going to offend some people? Possibly, if you object to an expert marketer doing what he preaches to others, and still providing value at the same time. Those critical of this strategy miss the point altogether.

    Dan always offers great value in his products – even those costing many hundreds of dollars – but for this price you can’t go wrong.

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