I came home from work like always. I don’t know where the hell Patrice was at. All the dogs greeted me as they usually did, jumping and wagging. I started petting them, then I heard this whelping! Over in the corner of the room Jimmy was laying in a pool of blood.

I freaked! After doing a quick check, I found a huge gash above his left front leg. Only one dog could have done that, Lady! I went off on all the dogs slapping Lady and yelling at her. They all retreated to the bedroom. I got a blanket, put it on the coffee table and carefully put Jimmy on top of it.

I cleaned his wound as best I could and put a compress on him hoping to stop any further bleeding. Once I started attending him, he became calm. I watched over him for hours and talked to him, but almost on the mark, he died at midnight. I knew he had lost a lot of blood, but really was hoping he could make it.

Here’s what happened. Jimmy was around 13 years old and had a bad habit of barking at any dog that came close to the food bowl. He used to do it with Lady and you could see she would get very irritated. He also suffered from seizures about once per month. Lady is a big Bully dog. That is, a Pit Bull, but not having the normal Pit Bull features.

Jimmy would often challenge her growling and barking for the A dog position. This had went on for months and Lady never did anything, plus I was usually able to cool the two down and bring everything back to getting along. I suspect that Jimmy got into one of those moods and tried to fight with Lady. A fatal mistake. This is my guess as to what happened.

I wrapped Jimmy up in his favorite blanket and buried him. He was a good boy with a crappy life before we got him. He used to belong to Mel, but after the Ellis Act Eviction, she asked if we could take care of him until she found a place to live. She was afraid that having two dogs would make it impossible to find a place.

After a year of having Jimmy, I told her this was his home now. She did not object. I would lay next to him when he had his seizures, pet him and talk softly to him, telling him it would be ok. After a few minutes, it would pass. I remember he got pissed when they would come on because he couldn’t get up.

Forth of July was the worst. He would bark and run around until he got a seizure. I love dogs and he will be missed.