gun ban

We can all relate to the human condition. From cradle to the grave we each experience a circle of commonalties due to the human condition and social structures. We are by nature, problem solvers and explorers. That is, we explore in order to solve what we perceive to be a problem.

We send our children to school to explore science, mathematics, home economics and countless other subjects with the hope of addressing our future social, military, medical, educational and political problems.

Over the past couple of decades, a relatively new problem has plagued us. Specifically, mass shootings. Understandably, some have taken the most expedient approach in calling for a ban on assault style rifles and making it so hard to get a weapon that Jesus Christ couldn’t pass the background check leaving the second amendment in the dust as an outdated, rustic relic of the past.

There was a time when the majority would sacrifice an innocent every now and again believing that it would protect something, be that fertility, crops, peace or what ever. These were times of great superstition, ignorance and barbarism. But, sacrificing our freedoms, one after the other, will not lead to a utopian state. It will however, lead to an aristocracy wherein the mass is lead by the nose by a few elite lifted to power by the previous elite. And, what ever that elite feels is in their best interest will be the cage you live in.

We can not solve a problem by killing the messenger. We must seek out the root cause(s) and address it in a rational and intelligent way. The objects of mass death, be it guns, planes, trucks, cars or other devices are not the problem. The people who misuse them are the problem. Underlying a persons convictions, beliefs and motivations is the first foundation that must be explored.

It’s fascinating to note that in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s being periods of great racism, ridicule, sexism, bullying and gross injustice, that mass shooting of the type we are now experiencing did not exist. In our earnest attempt to better society and eliminate many of these negatives, we have inadvertently created the problem. That is, some element of the former puzzle is now missing. The question is, what part(s).

It is not the intent of this short article to try and solve this mystery, but rather to bring it to your attention. Somewhere along the way, we lost something and I would say part of it would be “close nit human interaction” and the ability for people to express their feelings and opinions at that level.

A male or female taken by normal feelings, expresses to a coworker that s/he is pretty. The next thing you know s/he and the company are being sued and the persons life is destroyed.

We are passing laws who’s object is to neuter human nature. In the past, we relied on the stronger to protect the weaker, the intelligent to protect the ignorant. Now, we rely on laws that ban everything.