Video Marketing: Create Videos For Your Business People Want To Watch In 2018 [KEYNOTE]

all right so tonight we’re gonna talk about how to create videos for your business that people want to watch so the title is very specific we’re on right the title is very specific because it’s about the the key word there is that people want to watch because there’s a lot of people creating videos for their businesses but they’re not necessarily watchable so we’ve been actually fascinated by the silver screen and videos for a long time this is one of the first movies that was created in the late 1800s actually in Paris France where I’m from and you know people went to the movies and was I use and I think ever since that we start videos on on the screen we’ve been fascinating this is one of the first movie you probably have Lord of the legend then when they actually showed that movies people were so frightened that it actually walked out they ran out of the theater and they were like you know freaking out that was going on actually I read about it it never happened you know French people are not that stupid it happened in France but people never ran out and then it went all the way to 2005 2005 12 years ago the first YouTube video was uploaded on YouTube just 12 years ago and it was this guy me at the zoo just a video and now so since 2005 now we have a hundred million videos uploaded on YouTube every minutes now let me say that again 100 million videos uploaded on YouTube every minute so it’s it’s it’s really enormous the impact of video and it’s no surprises on a lot of people there because I think you all like sensing okay what’s going on with video what do I need to learn here and it’s not just me saying that the big bores are saying it Facebook at an early earlier this year said that by 2020 everything on the Facebook platform will be consumed on a mobile device and will be video all content will be video by 2020 that’s just like you know we’re almost in 2018 that’s two years from now so which means that the picture post the written post all that garbage would be gone like everything that we’re seeing in terms of data is telling us that this is what we want to consume YouTube YouTube is the second largest search engine a lot of people don’t know that but the first largest search engine obviously is Google but the second largest search engine in the world is YouTube I mean far above being in Yahoo and all these other search engine a YouTube is absolutely enormous in terms of its scope and Cisco just recently came out that they are predicting that by 2019 80% 80% of all the traffic that’s 2 years from now will be videos all the Internet traffic will be videos like 2 years from now it’s just it’s just it’s amazing but if you think about it if you look in our own behavior that’s actually what we want to consume you know I don’t know about you but I just like I see a thousand-word blog and I go in a coma right I see a video and I’m like click and I’m watching it right so I have a good news and a bad news right and as all good news and bad news I’m gonna give you the bad news first right so whatever business you’re in you are a media company whatever business you are in you are a media company whether you’re a chiropractor a dentist a candy store a web company whatever you are you are a media company and that can be overwhelming for a lot of people to hear but that is the thing and that’s whether you like it or not you are a media company in 2017 and if you look at all the data by 2019 19 you better be a media company but I have a good news so you’re ready for the good news you are a media company that’s the good news it’s never been simpler to actually create media in 2017 I mean you got you know your phone you got cameras you got microphone I mean all this stuff I mean who has been in business here for over 15 years right look at all this ends we had none of that stuff none of that stuff I remember my first business 1995 we made a brochure and you had to pass it and crack business cards and you went to event and you pass it we had none of that stuff we didn’t have you to we didn’t have Facebook we didn’t have Instagram we didn’t have the ability to actually create content and blast it to the world we didn’t have none of that that actually is the good news so a couple of things in terms of equipment you have the starter package so the starter package is this right every one of you is ready to go right now you can create videos with this who has a mobile phone in their pocket yeah I think everybody right and then you also need a wired microphone you know why microphone actually I have one right here I bought it on Amazon this is a 20-foot cord so I can plug it in and be like really far and whatnot this was the whopping cost of $20 20 bucks with a 20 with a foot cord I was at an event one time and someone asked me to record the my wife actually she was speaking and she asked me can you record me and I and I was holding the holding the phone like this and after like three minutes my hand was shaking and I was like you know trying to change hand and it was really awful I’m like there’s got to be a better way and I started to think and I looked on the internet and finally I found this thing which is called the I clip which is what you have here and it’s used by all the musicians out there and the reason why they’re using it because they have their partitions or they have their the music the lyrics whatever they have so they can actually play the guitar and watch this stuff and it just hooks to anything it hooks to a chair it hooks to a pole it hooks to a table it works to anything and there you go you got a stand and this this little thing was also $20 right and then lighting I just bought these lights actually is great you need to have some lights there there were $100 and they’ll bright you’ll get a 10 you know you feel like you know you’ll get a 10 but this was a hundred bucks so the starter package will really will cost you five hundred to a thousand dollar at the moe so you’re really ready to go like right now you can’t you can actually produce some videos right now you don’t need to have really expensive equipment however if after this presentation you are inclined to buy a little bit more equipment I would recommend all this obviously I’m recording this session tonight with a Canon 270 D 70d at cost of fifteen hundred bucks it was a bundle that I bought at at Costco you need a tripod a tripod can cost you anywhere from three hundred thirty dollars to three hundred bucks you need some light you can have a microphone the the lavalier microphone some lighting a handheld device you can start to be a little bit more professional and start to do some more fun stuff and that will cost you about two to five thousand dollar okay so that that would be the range uh you know ice-t– when i first did my first video I started like everyone I wanted to see if I was gonna like it if I was going to be any good at it so I started with the five hundred dollar package you know I actually bought lights lights floodlights at Home Depot for $79 because I looked at photography lights they were like $2,000 I’m like I’m not putting two grands and in lighting I went to Home Depot and I had you know so I did a five-minute session and I was half my face was burned but I didn’t care right it worked so the learning curve so there’s there’s a learning curve with producing videos and the good news is you can actually go to YouTube everything you need to know is on YouTube you can actually find about brain surgery on YouTube I swear to you there’s actually a channel that is called the how to channel one of the videos is how to close the door I am not kidding you how to close the door the guy goes and he good I’m telling ya he closes the door and that that video has hundreds of thousands of views yeah it’s crazy you can find out everything however let me tell you few of the best channel that you can learn all this stuff so the first one is the sales lion Marcus and George or the guy that’s running that operation but they have a whole bunch of people but they are really extraordinary all the content that they put on on their channel is really to help you learn the business of video marketing so it’s just really the business there is how to how to speak on camera they have it’s really an amazing channel and it’s really extraordinary and that actually is what they do they teach people about video marketing I actually saw George speak twice and Marcus the the guys that run this thing did an amazing job and gave us Animatrix that actually I’m sharing with you tonight meet Owen this guy talks a lot about optimizing your videos that’s a mistake that people will cover that in a little bit a lot of how to optimize your videos for YouTube and how to make them better but there’s a lot of a lot of good stuff James Wedmore he has a great he actually started with video marketing now he’s doing a lot of business growth and right now this is a great channel also to investigate primal video that is really a lot of good stuff they’re you know learning about how to edit how to film how to shoot like there’s I mean these within these four channels you got hundreds of hours of education and if you watch I would say just you know four or five hours of that you’re going to learn a whole bunch of stuff about video marketing there’s also Wistia has a great channel Wistia is w is t IA has an amazing channel on how to do videos that i would invite you to check out to vidyard is also really really good very interesting channel to learn a lot about video and linda so is actually is not free but it’s a place if you’re going to have people on your staff they’re going to need to educate themself about video this is great because you can buy the lesson they’ll have to take the lesson you can find out whether they learn what they need to learn and what not so that would be a great thing if you have people that need to learn alright so the videos you need for your business there actually are four videos that you need for your business when you get started any business needs those videos and the first one is the company overview right you need to do a company overview I’m gonna give you some questions some scripting behind that but you need to have a company overview what is the what does the company do that is a video that every single business needs to have which is slightly different than the about the company so the overview of the company is the why and the how the about the company is the why does that make sense employee bio every single employee needs to have a by you on the website doesn’t have to be a five-minute thing just say you know hi my name is Antoine DuPont I’m the CEO of this company this is what I do this is what I’m passionate about if you have any question call me with this you know that’s just very simple and every single service and product page on your website needs to have video if you have ten service you need to have a video per service I didn’t say that the video had to be ten minutes or fifteen minutes and can be very very easy I did one this morning with a client she’s actually a business coach and I said what is and I’ll show you the questions I’m gonna run you through it no just please describe what is that what is business coaching so Gigi just went on and I asked her the the several questions and there you go I’m gonna be able to create a three-minute video for her and it’s very easy once you’re done with those four then you need those six so first of four don’t do the six before because sometimes people are tempted by doing the other six but do the four the first four first and these are the a fake use the questions that people keep on asking you over and over and over again create a video for it you know what did they ask you about web design you know can you host it you know do I own the design can you do WordPress I mean whatever the questions are going to be you just you know and so those questions I have a video for all those questions how to so I’m going to I’m going to tell you that the how to’s is the gold nugget this is where it’s going to make an enormous difference and every single one of us in this room as intellectual data that we know about stuff and we need to create videos how to do this stuff I’m not kidding you that how to close the door has hundreds of thousands of views how to is the Golden Nugget testimonials have your client do a testimonial video obviously demos case studies and onboarding who has an onboarding process here for their client like when you’re when they’re coming in they’re a new client there’s a system that you’re gonna be asking them a whole bunch of questions right if they’re gonna come up for a web design you’re gonna ask them about their domain name you’re gonna ask them about do they have pictures do they have this you could create a video with this you could create a three-minute video send it to them and people will be impressed it’s just that’s the stuff I’m gonna need for you okay now the types of setup for videos how they are basically setting the scene so the first one which is the most that I would say the most classic one is the interview set up the interview set up is you basically are face to face you sit the person in the chair you put the camera next to them you say talk to me don’t talk to the camera and you ask them question and the answer the questions it’s the easiest thing to do sometimes they are very self-conscious about the video they’re like oh my god there’s a video there I’m like have a drink whatever you need to do but just chill talk to me okay I’m just asking you a question what do you do for a living then have them say okay what I do is I’m a chiropractor so I help people with neck pain back pain and all this stuff okay great there we go we keep on going okay the next set up is the thought of the day or the tip of the week or the thought of the month that’s a great way to actually create a video just you just saying okay this is some of the stuff that I was thinking or some of the stuff that I’m actually seeing in the industry in the healthcare business and the health and beauty there’s some stuff that you guys know and you see and you notice every day this is a great piece of content again a two three-minute video would be great Jody Johnson does that she doesn’t see for a week she’s a business coach sure she deals with businesses that are dealing with things in their business and then she said oh you know what I’m dealing with this stuff so I’m just gonna cry the video we didn’t want this morning and was about communication she wanted to talk about the communication she felt like a lot of businesses don’t communicate effectively with their employees so she did a quick video about that this is a great piece of content webcast a webcast is a great way to do videos so webcast is actually this is when you’re recording your screen right that is me it is me and that’s true and but that’s not me on the bottom that’s who Leah and I did a webcast with who Leah she is actually a social media marketing expert some of you may know her and I interviewed her I asked her it says one of the three tips you have for social media so I had her her website on the on the left and then we splayed the screen and we talked for 20 minutes and we recorded in a video she’s got a great piece of content for her I have a great piece of content for me and there we go and then you have a webcast where you actually on your own a webcast again is the you know what I mean by webcast is not a podcast sexually a webcast so you’re just casting the screen and you could put a load of video of you next to it and this I was actually demonstrating on a mobile phone how to how to open up snapchat and work on it so very easy video that anyone could do one thing that a lot of people don’t do is the behind the scene like share the stuff that’s going on your company there’s a birthday party it’s a great opportunity for a video you know someone had a brings a brings a baby that just had a baby then bring it in the office film that that’s great stuff you know you don’t have it doesn’t have to be like all tied up and you know like hello you know you just chill out and just show how lively your office is and you know that you’re just human basically all right so scripting and presentation god this is when we’re getting actually into the how to prepare yourself and generate the scripts what you’re gonna need to do so I found this gem a week ago and it left me like I was like oh my god this is absolutely amazing you go to this website it’s called answer the public comm like if you want to know like a lot of people that I talk to they’re like I don’t know what I’m gonna be talking about and and I’m not true what do you want me to talk about like this website is the answer to that so you go to that website which is really funny as this guy Lee is a live video and he takes his glasses off and he looks at you and is like what are you doing come on do it already and you put a keyword in that box right there for me I put chiropractor you can put web design you could put candy you could put anything you want and you click and you get that and these are all the questions they are aggregating Google with all the questions around that specific key at that specific keyword how what why who which where can all the question let me bring it closer so you can actually see it that’s what chiropractor how chiropractic helps allergies how carrot practic helps migraines do you think that that’s a good video that’s one video so sir mister chiropractor how does chiropractor helps migraine well chiropractor helps Migron because you know when your spine is adjusted and right now great boom one video do you think you’re gonna run out of ideas for videos that’s one keyword that’s chiropractic I mean this source is absolutely amazing this is an amazing source for you to source about what you want to talk about and so the public calm answer the public calm sometimes I have people that are so nervous to say can we have a teleprompter or can I use notes and can I can I do that to help me and the answer is no no it’s awful and the reason why is because you’re going to sound scripted and scripted sounds awful and and by the way you probably suck at reading a teleprompter I know I do it just it’s not it’s not natural the people that do it on the news they’re train people right not just it’s just it’s not a good idea at all I had a client that actually insisted on doing it he was reading notes we did the whole shoot and we before all the site it says that really was like really bad and he was trying to blame the lighting the camera the thing and I’m like no I was you reading notes it has to be conversational who wants to watch a guy that’s like and in the morning I did I mean it’s it’s really awful just be natural if you don’t know this stuff then you probably should be making a video about it right so just don’t be afraid to be yourself you can have notes you know so for example what you would want is you would have that you would want to have the key points right just and sometimes you will have to rehearse it you know you may have to you know I want to talk about a video and there is ten things by the way in video editing you can cut you know the videos it doesn’t have to be set in one thing you can say okay let me remember those three points so I have three points so I started in 2001 and we have ten employees and I specialize in duis so hi my name is you know Joe Schmoe with the law firms and we started our law firms in 2001 we now have ten employees and we specialize in DUI boom cut so one of the things that we actually get when people get on camera they have a tendency to get very significant write up with a would put them there sitting down and the cameras there and then they start to go like this they start to front up and everything in one the best way to start a video is to start with a huge smile right and if you don’t know like how am I gonna do that I’m not I’m nervous and I’m not I don’t know just think of like a crazy puppy or crazy dog just think of something that’s gonna make you smile so you just get away from that like you know significant or serious face that you may have you know like you know this is not good right that that’s that that’s more that’s more like it this is when you start to be yourself and then just do whatever you need just to get a smile right just think about it and then just you know be present to that and then just go and and start to shoot the video all right so these are the questions that I actually asked for the company overview those are amazing questions they always always work and the first one is what motivated you to start and the reason why this video is great when I do a company overview it’s B it gets people to start to talk about well when I was 12 years old I saw this movie and it inspired me and then that day I decided want to be a lawyer and that is an amazing piece of content it’s a lot more interested interesting than you know I went to school and I have all those degrees that nobody cares about we want to have a human story right and then I ask them what do you specialize in what are you known for what people keep coming back so it has them like reach out and the last one is what are you most proud of and sometime I actually get people who start to get real there because they’re proud of some stuff and this is you know some stuff that I can get out in the company with you and data is interesting if I’m gonna watch something something and someone is really proud about the difference that they’re making with you know with the kids or whatever they’re doing or they’re sending supplies in in Puerto Rico or whatever it is something that’s really real for them and that creates a great piece of content when you’re doing a video what’s really important is to focus on only one person you know people have a thing they’re like they’re talking to the end of web right they’re talking to people in China and like no you’re not right most of your videos is gonna be viewed by not a lot of people you’re not then rather you’re not Britney Spears right you’re just you’re a little business they’re doing this stuff Utah try to try to focus on one single person so this is an image of a shopper just think about like that one person that comes to my business whether it’s a man or woman just think of that person and just talk to them don’t call them by name but just think of that person that helps you generate content that is a lot more personal you know you talked to one you end up talking to many if you’re trying to talk to many you end up talking to no one okay slow down you know it’s amazing like use the pause I’m pausing right now this is a part where I’m demonstrating pausing so in any case slow down and don’t sweat it like the first 20 the 30 minutes with every video is usually the most difficult one you know after a while like people are like yeah I’m starting to get the hang of it you know I’m like yeah you had a couple of beers and it’s been 45 minutes so you’re chilling out but at first they’re like this you know and then eventually they’ll get to chill out and be comfortable and just be themselves I’m not I’m not suggesting you should drink to do videos you know if you start to slur your words you you had too much but whatever works for you you know and maybe you’ll have a tea or whatever it is maybe you need to get a massage you need to relax but you know the first 20 to 30 minutes so what we you should do for the first 20 to 30 is a ste is easy question you know what’s your name what’s your company name you know what do you do I mean that’s the easy stuff and then they starting to get the role until you start to get to more you know personal questions or then you start to go asking about the whys and whatnot remember to have calls to action that’s the thing that I see a lot of people missing in their videos you know ask people to like and share and subscribe to your channel you know at the end of your video just say hey listen if you got value out of this video please like it obviously might not be appropriate if it’s a company overview but if you’re doing a how to you know ask people like it if you don’t you know if you don’t ask them they may not be you know they may not do it but if you guys almost say okay yeah I liked it thank you for the reminder right so it’s easy stuff just ask them so format for a product or service video this is when you’re going to do each service or each product on your website this is what you need to do in terms of the format of the video the first thing you need to do is you need to describe the product or service what is the service alright business coaching this morning well business coaching is when we do this and that and this and that and this is that and that in this right is the description that’s what it is and then the second thing is why is yours better well that’s the question we asked what makes you special why do you do it then they say well what makes me better is I have 20 years of experience I have trained and I did this and I did that so now I have a sense of like oh now I know why you’re doing what you do and then the next thing is what will I gain how is my life going to be better if I use your product or your service so obviously you can adapt it to that specific thing but like the value from then the next question is identified the pain what is the problem what is the issue why do I need this product what is the problem if you don’t talk to the if you don’t talk to the pain the problem that people are having over there they don’t think you can relate to them and if you could actually speak to that pain that problem that issue that they’re having now you now you’ve connected with them and then go to the next thing which is about the pleasure imagine a world with what if you could how would your life be if you had that have the person identify that if they don’t know that that’s a problem everybody knows that about theirs about their product and service ask them if they have a guarantee we actually talked about it we’re an SEO company and we talked about the guarantee and the big thing with the SEO and the internet for our marketing people or we don’t make guarantee you know we can’t guarantee anything and I was like I challenge my team and I’m like really so we can actually cannot guarantee that we’re going to improve their rankings well yeah we’re gonna improve their rankings then we need to guarantee because if we can’t guarantee that then we’re in the wrong business so there’s always something you can guarantee you cannot no you cannot say I guarantee you’re gonna grow your business by 30% that’s you know that’s being very specific and that would put me out of business because everybody would ask their money back but you can have a time frame you know I guarantee that you know within 30 days that I can have if you’re a web designer I guarantee that your website will be a built in 90 days or less you can make that guarantee because listen if you can’t produce a website in 90 days or less you know you’re in the wrong business right trust indicators actually say if you’re certified if you have any kind of certification or membership or affiliations that are relevant to that product or service right and or you can also mention clines is using that that is a trust indicator that’s actually saying oh those people use that you know I have done business with those and I’m certified with this now you’re starting to you know get the full wrap-up and it obviously wrap up the video with a call to action you know for more information by the way ask everything I’d never understand that on the website where you’re making it difficult for me to get in contact who likes to call businesses or Jen who likes to email them who likes to text them right you get it who would prefer to fill out a form nobody ok great no more forms you still should have a form the point is is that we’re all different we all like to interact we would like to drive to a place so yeah exactly you would like it would right I want to go and see it so you’ll provide all the information you know for more information please come in to our place we’re downtown West Palm Beach our phone number is 561 my email address is Antoine I catapult that biz and you can go to our website there to get all the information provide all that information in the video ok so hosting let’s talk about hosting because a lot of people ask me about a hosting where am I gonna put my videos am I going to put them on my on my website on your server and the answer is no under no circumstances will I put that on my server first of all these files are enormous and there is really no point no reason whatsoever to have your videos hosted on your thing where they need to go is they need to go on YouTube among others there’s actually for YouTube is free but it has overlay ads but it’s 100% public right I know you can you can make them unlisted and you can do all things but you got to think like I had an argument with actually I was gonna say with someone it was actually with my wife and she was talking about Facebook and everything and I’m like well it’s saying Facebook is public everything you put there is for the world to see end of conversation same thing with YouTube it’s for the world to see okay so you’re gonna think if I’m gonna put it there if I don’t want anyone to see it don’t put it on YouTube right even if you put a little padlock and you say it’s private and everything I wouldn’t do it then you have Wistia now Wistia is 99 bucks a month is the the there’s no ads and obviously then you have privacy you can have your videos locked up same thing with video Vimeo is actually a little bit cheaper or they have plans so from 7 to 50 bucks a month and they also have no ads and privacy so sometimes people say well while I put my video on video on Vimeo I had the argument that I have with people it’s not an argument it’s actually they’re telling me I don’t like the ads on it and I’m like okay so do you want to pay 50 bucks a month and I have no ads and they’re like oh well yeah you know how do you think they’re making their money at YouTube you know that’s that’s what you get in exchange you’re gonna get some ads on top of it and in my opinion the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world makes it way worth it to have your videos on YouTube in exchange for a few ad then the next one is obviously as Facebook it’s actually a place where you can host your videos you upload your videos on Facebook and obviously it’s free and it’s 100% public right so it’s like everybody is going to see your video so this is basically how it looks like and what I would say is if you have classes and webinars and videos that you actually have where it’s private and people paying for it or they have to pay to get the content then I would say Wistia and Vimeo is the place to do that everything else should go on YouTube and on Facebook so we’re going to talk about some of the mistakes that people are doing with YouTube and Facebook but that would be that now creating videos really that it’s like get started you know a lot of people like you know frozen and you know in the snow and you know the fitness and the cement I get started allow yourself to suck at it for a little while because you’re gonna suck at it I just you know it’s just not you know it’s just that’s what the first time you do anything you’re not good at it and I know some people said well Antoine you so charismatic and you almost look like George Clooney and you know and all this thing and and you don’t even have an inch of an a guy your diction is perfect and everything I mean you’re a natural all this stuff I’m like this is my first video I mean for God’s sake look at this it was three years ago I just went for it it was awful I actually kept it on my youtube channel just to remind me how far we’ve gone but it’s like the video is on top of the PowerPoint you can’t even read this stuff I mean it’s awful but you know what I went for it I don’t even remember what this video was about and the sound is awful you can barely see me and it’s dark and look at this hideous thing it’s just it’s horrendous but I just went for just allow yourselves to suck at it we all went through it the first you know the first ten videos are going to be awful you’re gonna cringe I but keep them because you know it’s like practice makes perfect respect the platform that is one of the biggest mistake and I’m channeling a little bit of Gary Vaynerchuk here with with this respective platform what I mean by that is YouTube and Facebook or two different animals right if you create one video you should not upload this video automatically to to YouTube the way it is and on Facebook it’s two different it’s two different things there are two different purposes so the first thing is YouTube is needs to be optimized for SEO you know again it’s the second largest engine in the in the world right it should be optimized so your videos should look something like that like you know all the videos here for example the the second one it says three awesome company culture ideas the reason why it says that is because we’ve identified that company culture ideas was actually a keyword that people were searching for like we did the work like I see so many videos on YouTube where people don’t optimize it they’re saying you know Antoine talks tyrannies I’m right no lack optimize the title optimize the description optimize the entire video you should have a description that also is optimized and you can use some thumbnails you can actually create some nice little thumbnails that makes it professional and whatnot so this is what I ah your channel should look like on YouTube optimized for SEO now on Facebook is a square format it’s a totally different animal what I mean by square format is on YouTube it’s a rectangular format on Facebook it’s a square format and the reason why it’s a square format is because it takes a lot more of the screen if you’re scrolling on your phone and if it’s the square video it just takes a lot more of your screen that’s why the square videos actually are getting you know a lot more engagement and a lot more views than the rectangular one so people are taking the rectangular video which is you know in 1920 by 1080 they’re just putting it on YouTube and then putting on Facebook now change the format make it square for for Facebook does that make sense okay Instagram 59 second that’s all you’ve got it’s actually 60 second but I put 59 because I don’t know which second they cut at the beginning of the end so go with 59 okay it’s got to be trendy and cool you know Instagram is a you know I would say the the 12 to 35 crowd very used by the twenty-something so you know your your video of your lawyer about the UI domestic violence or your chiropractor it’s not gonna be something they’re gonna appeal to them but the chiropractor could actually do something cool about massage or the scent of the herbs but it would be different right this is how it looks like on Instagram obviously LinkedIn actually adjusts not just started by different if we’re doing videos the CEO of LinkedIn came out and say ten minutes max if you cannot say what you need to say in ten minutes then you shouldn’t say it it’s too much stuff so say ten minutes so that’s all you’ve got on on LinkedIn it’s a different format obviously the content is going to be slightly different a little bit more professional and LinkedIn that it would be on on Facebook or YouTube actually I saw that it was really funny this guy’s making a face beyond that kid so a lot we’re seeing a lot of videos this is actually a live videos and like Facebook it plays automatically there’s no click on play as used crawling down the video starts to play automatically I am this is again Jody she’s a client of ours I love what she’s doing there with with the videos using email marketing to Santa videos this is a video right there who receives too many emails in their inbox too many right so what she does is she takes the video she does his transcript of the video she puts some of the text above a lot of text below and in the video she all you have to do is click on that this is an amazing format for email marketing if you wanna you know re-engage people and watching your watching your content or reading or what or learning about what you do doing it like this is a great way to engage people on your blogs all your blog should have a video all of them and the simple reason is because they improve the stickiness of your blog you don’t want a strong signal for Google is how much time people are spending on your blogs each of your blog should have a video the same with your landing pages your landing pages every single one of your landing page should have a video of this one is how do I win debt collection loss lawsuit in the page that talks about debt collection it’s a great video people are gonna click it you know it’s like there’s so much text I mean by the way there’s a lot of text above and left and what do you think they’re doing reading the to text or watching the video watching the video right and we need to we need the we need the text for SEO common mistakes that people do with videos bad sound and bad lighting that is one of the classic mistake that people do invest in lights and invest in a microphone watch watch this video actually I watched it first and because of the the sound the audio quality and this thing you cannot really tell the difference you’re gonna see the difference between the with the lighting but with the sound it’s just likely but when you watch it on the computer it’s a world of difference so this is me hi this is Antoine with catapult marketing so this is a first video to demonstrate how our video sounds without any lights and without a microphone not too good right hi this is Antoine would catapult marketing now it’s the exact same video basically but with lights and a microphone can you tell the difference you can’t tell the difference right delighted makes a world of difference headspace a lot of people do the wrong thing with headspace they’re cutting their heads off or they’re too too short too hot too high just you know center yourself slightly to the left so you can add some words you know just make sure you’re like nicely centered see a lot of people like their head is cut up so just make sure you get the head in the right spot the right mood don’t try to be funny I see sometimes people are doing like discs I don’t know maybe this guy was funny with his puppet but if you’re not a comedian okay she was the bad new that’s the bad news now it’s just don’t try to be funny because it’s like unless you’re a trained professional comedian it’s just not gonna come out I mean if you’ve really funny like you can try but I would advise against it don’t be too serious you know who wants to watch someone that is uh that is too serious don’t try to sound too smart you know it’s gonna occur condescending to people so even if you’re super smart and you know a lot of stuff try to tame it down like just you don’t just try to be a little bit more casual but anything you do don’t sell do not sale you’re going to look like this guy it’s going to be awful the last thing you need to do is sell just be yourself just set what you do exactly the way I script it and people will be enrolled and there they’ll connect with you or not just be yourself just really be yourself okay the ideal location well we have beautiful locations here in South Florida you don’t always have to do it in your office you can actually use some outdoors and it’s a great space as long as you have good lighting and a microphone you can do it outside you can do it in public spaces like the mall just make sure you get authorization first they may have an issue or you know I’m sure at the city place that’d be totally cool that depends what you do but just you know just be careful and you can use funky place no you can use like different settings you know urban settings graffiti and whatnot you obviously if your dentist that may not work but you can do some other videos that would be that would be appropriate to use different different places be useful you know whatever you do be useful this is really what works now I want to show you this video because I want you I want you to get the point across no I’m in my van and you know like when they change the time like twice a year right and you have the rough time in your van for a month and you’re annoyed because you have to put one finger in your nose one here put a hold your feet like that you don’t know and the knob and the thing and it just drives you nuts and you don’t know how to change the time so I’m like I’m waiting for someone I’m in a parking lot at Cypress Creek Cypress Creek Marriott in Florida I’m reading the manual okay you do this you do that I’m like I’m gonna do a video for myself so in six months from now I’ll remember right how to change the time on your Dodge Caravan you can see here there’s a little button that says time you just press on it for five seconds and then the time is gonna blink and now here with a little nod you can actually move the time up and down and once you’re done with the time you all you have to do is press on the knob and then now you can change the minutes and that’s it and then you press again and you’re done boom so I do it so if someone watches it you know I know you know I don’t like cuz I thought I would be cursing myself so you don’t you know you remember you dumb nut you know I’ve been saying something like that so I’m putting that video six months later and I go oh I the time lag so I go and watch it I am not kidding why do you think because it’s useful 24 I’m like are you serious and people say all thank you my life was blinking for a month and everything what it is is I’m being useful I didn’t remember when I swear at the beginning of the presentation I say how – yeah how – is that is the thing just be useful the hold of stuff that you know in your business be helpful out there it’s gonna give you an amazing amount of traction this video here that was showing you earlier is snapchat 101 tutorial you know why I did it because a lot of my clients were asking me about snapchat antwuan should i do snapchat I’m like unless you a 12 year old no but you know I did a tutorial on it 34 thousand views right and how many comments I had 34 comments it’s just useful it’s just a tutorial is it complicated look at that it’s my desktop and it’s a it’s a webcam filming me and I have I used a little application to show my phone and I clicked I have the phone right there and I’m just telling people this is how you do it this is how you create a little thing this is how you open and that was it 30,000 views and this one who was there doing it for that for that meeting Facebook marketing was like two months ago three months ago in June look at that Facebook marketing strategy for small business in 2017 fifteen thousand views it’s useful so again like the the point of this is not to brag that I have all these all those views is that the point is useful we’ll get you traction and at the end of the day it’s all about getting traffic to your website it’s all about getting attention so if anything do how to’s videos all right editing tips you had a question about editing make sure you add text on all your videos all your videos should have text on it and the simple reason is because 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound let me say that again any 5% or videos on Facebook or viewed without sound it’s like why I actually I know why because my wife is next to me she said turn down that stuff right so I’m actually reading this the reading of thing or you’re in the bus or you’re in the waiting room or wherever you are you just don’t want to disrupt thing or you don’t have your earbuds you just gonna watch the text there and you’re watching the video right so make sure you have text on top of it I have plenty of b-roll what b-roll is is the video is actually in the top left corner that’s the video that is being filming but there’s a lot of b-roll now b-roll the finished product the stitching in the back so just add some animation and the thing the b-roll should be like you know three to five second maximum a lot of people use transitions when if you use a tool like Final Cut Pro you can do some really cool stuff and things that go the students and if your twelve-year-old it’s really fun but if you’re in the business please don’t do it just do fade all your videos should have a little intro some people overdo it actually we’re just watching a video where there’s a 60 second intro and it was like who sits through that intros is very well actually what we use the intros force is for the outros if that makes any sense we don’t start the video with this we start the video immediately with the person talking and then we have the intro at the end so to kind of like close and wrap up the video because people like you know they don’t care about I mean this is nice I’m gonna show it to you it’s nice but it’s really more of a close-up thing than starting with this you know again you’re not a TV show this is not a documentary this is stuff so watch this one [Music] right and then we so we do for all our clients frameworks review our Presbyterian Church we did one with a paper and then you have this one too [Music] right so we actually get all that in fiber fiber is an amazing source I actually I have a full time video editor that could actually create those intros it will probably take him four to six hours to create an intro and with fiber I can get that in that eight second intro for 25 to 50 bucks and it takes about 10 minutes well 10 minutes to place the order then you have to wait based on the thing sometimes it’s 24 hour turnaround 48-hour turnaround they have a library of videos you can pick from so they need to know where your business is that and you probably need to hire a videographer that is the reality you need to hire a videographer and what I mean by that is you gonna need to have someone on staff to produce video for your company that is just really what’s coming up like I think that eventually all of us will have someone that will have videography as a talent in their back pocket now video editing is actually a separate skill now the thing that you need to know about video editing is it’s extremely time consuming but three to four minute video that you shoot will take you three to five hours to produce like three to four minutes use will take you three to five hours to edit there’s a lot of time there’s a lot of things that need to do it’s extremely time-consuming so again you know having someone on staff that does that because I’m going to go on the assumption that only all of you already have a full time job to do in your business whether you’re a chiropractor or dentist or a lawyer you’re worthy working 12 hours a day you don’t need to add an additional four hours editing videos right so um extremely time consuming just remember that the couple of software is that you should be using or that I recommend the first one if you have a Magnus Final Cut Pro it is the basically the paid version of iMovie it does everything that you need and then some is very common you know very good it’s a great it’s a great system to get your feet wet with it and if your Windows Camtasia is a great tool in my office we have four platforms and we have Mac and Windows and where we’re using Final Cut Pro in Camtasia Camtasia is great for webcast Final Cut Pro is great for editing videos and also doing some webcast so you know these two platforms up right now so let’s recap Facebook is saying that by 2020 everything on the platform will be mobile and all videos I have good news you are media company yet that is actually the good news you need some equipment like this which is going to cost you 500 bucks and equipment like that that it’s going to cost you $5,000 sales lion is a great channel to learn everything you need to learn you need four videos for your company and then you should have an additional six after that interview is a great format to get videos going remember the spot not like this and think of a puppy to help you smile don’t sweat it the first 20 minutes is the most difficult one slow down don’t try to be funny don’t try to be too serious don’t try to be too smart don’t say absolutely no selling just be yourself there are great places where you can do video shoots by the river by the bridge in downtown remember to have some be roles with your videos have a great intro or outro there are four major places where you can host all your videos remember that editing takes a long time you probably should hire a videographer on staff and Cisco is telling those by 29 team 80% of all traffic will be videos so get started now because you don’t want to be left behind thank you [Music]

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